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Media Sit in Silence as WH Economist Demolishes Obama’s Claim About Trump Economy



There wasn’t much the media could say as Kevin Hassett, chair of Council of Economic Advisers, demolished former President Barack Obama’s claim that President Donald Trump inherited the booming economy from his administration.

Hassett came prepared with data and several charts showing the economy has surpassed the predicted trends under President Trump and overachieved in many key areas.

Small business optimism is near a record high.

Business investment is up $300 billion over the recent trend.

Capital goods and orders shipments are up sharply.

New business applications have soared.

And that’s not even including the obvious indicators like the historically low unemployment rate and record-breaking stock market numbers.

“I would assert that if you look at the collective body of evidence, the notion that what we’re seeing right now is just a continuation of recent trends is not super defensible,” Hassett said.

Watch the full video below:

President Trump shot back at Obama on Monday, saying his administration will do even better than it is now.

“‘President Trump would need a magic wand to get to 4% GDP,’ stated President Obama. I guess I have a magic wand, 4.2%, and we will do MUCH better than this! We have just begun,” the president tweeted.

Are you loving Trump’s economy?

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  • Atlanta Conservative says:

    The illegitimate big-eared Kenyan commiecRAT was well on his way to miring the USA in the mud, killing our energy sector, business performance and our standing in the world. Thanks to DJT we are well on our way back to prosperity and life as it should be in this greatest country on earth. MAGA — KAG!!!

  • terry says:

    Unfortunately Trumps improved business climate isn’t very good for my business. I need to have business’ in trouble. When I think back, Obama was great for the Bankruptcy and Creditors rights folks. All the regulations the government put into place strangled business’ and the growth was abhorrent. Now the economy is doing well and the receivership and bankruptcy business stinks.

  • Edyth Meredith says:

    No one can out-Trump the Trumpster. Trump is doing just what I voted for Him for. Now if Congress would just let him build that WALL now.

  • scot_belle says:

    YES. I am thrilled to see more jobs, and NEW businesses.
    Where I am is rural, so this is slowly starting to show,
    but…it is definitely better here than Obama’s 8 years.

    I’ve lived through every President from the day that
    General Eisenhower was elected. Only four (4) Presidents
    in that time-frame have actually worked for U.S. Citizens:
    Eisenhower (deported illegals), JFK, Reagan and Trump.
    The rest had hidden agenda’s that are still playing out.

    THANK YOU, President Trump, for working to accomplish
    …every one of your campaign promises. Now, if the
    Congress (D)’s & (R)ino’s would stop doing all of this
    obstructing…America could actually move forward.

  • Don Sharp Jr says:

    According to Obama, he did all this, he got the ball rolling and Trump just got the reward(s). Yet another sack full from Obama. It still amazes me that Trump has done more in 18 months that the past 3 presidents could do in 24+ years.

  • neo says:

    Well….If what Obozo says is true(which I doubt) then we should soon see a down turn in the economy in the very near future, because Obozo blamed every bad thing during his time on Bush….not his policies.

  • Joe says:

    The crash of 08 was because we gave home loans to people who couldn’t make the note, on the premise that home ownership was a right. That theory bankrupted our country. Then Obama gave trillions of our money to the unions and big banks in the hopes that it would trickle down to the average folk. It didn’t, the banks and unions got fat, and the taxpayers still owe the trillions. At least Trump brought us jobs and some hope. MAGA.

  • Totally agree. Great Job…..

  • John D Cole says:

    The Kenyan eunuch was an abject failure all eight years of his faux Presidency why would it surprisingly get better immediately after he was out of office and why it be because of his Marxist policies?

  • Abby says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t munching on anything when Obama gave his speech on “his” economy. I would have chocked to death. Yeah, I know, no one would miss me, but I would’ve been very unhappy about it myself.

    Obama always was and always will be one big joke. Was it Tucker Carlson or Hannity who counted the “I”‘s in his speech and he really outdid hinself this time to the tune of 102 of them. It must be nice to think so highly of yourself,Obama. What an egotistical maniac!

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Good presentation.

  • RWF