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Mitt Romney: Mueller’s Probe Is ‘Appropriate,’ It’s ‘Too Early’ To Say Whom He’ll Support In 2020



Former Massachusetts governor and 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney coasted to victory in Utah’s GOP primary last week, practically guaranteeing he’ll be elected to the Senate, filling the seat of retiring Utah Republican, Orrin Hatch.

And now that he’s more than likely heading back to Washington, D.C., Romney is again positioning himself as a foil to President Donald Trump, telling MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt that he “doesn’t know” whom he’ll support for president in 2020, when Trump will be running for his second term, and that Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether the Trump campaign collaborated with Russian officials to influence the 2016 presidential election is “totally appropriate.”

He first told Hunt that he doesn’t plan on opposing Robert Mueller’s investigation, and that the more-than-a-year-long probe is “totally appropriate.”

As for the president, well, although Romney was warmer to Trump a month ago, winning the primary seems to have relieved him of any need to forge difficult allegiances.

“There will be people who decide, I presume, to get in a Republican primary,” Romney told Hunt Monday.

Although Republicans are generally expected to support their party’s candidate if that candidate is seeking re-election, Romney followed up by noting that it’s simply “too early” to jump on anyone’s bandwagon.

Romney probably isn’t making a firm commitment not to vote for Trump in 2020, but the outspoken, moderate Republican probably isn’t interested in making that kind of commitment to Trump, either. Right now, it can fairly be said that Trump has his good points, and that, with Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, the promise social conservatives and Evangelical Christians put in a Trump presidency will likely be fulfilled.

But Romney will also be expected to lead a Republican “anti-Trump” resistance. Anyone who plans on opposing Trump for the Republican nomination in 2020 is likely leaving Congress this year, and that includes Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ). Others like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) have an uncertain future, and Romney is enjoying a resurgence in popularity among Republicans not aligned with Trump’s wing of the GOP.

As for his constituency, the state of Utah was the only state where a third party — “independent” Evan McMullin — made any significant progress against Trump in the general election. Romney’s safe in being unwilling to commit to the president, even if the president has offered an olive branch in the form of a congratulatory tweet.

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  • Elmer says:

    I expect the democrats to win f i were from Utah I would vote Democrat even though I am a registered Republican.romney stinks.

  • What’s the point of being a Republican if there existed the possibility that one would vote for a Democratic presidential candidate in 2020…against the agenda of the ruling administration?

  • RWF