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Mother Reveals How Trump Saved Her Life After Her Only Son Was Murdered by Illegal Immigrant



President Donald Trump’s enemies seem to love blaming him for almost everything… but it’s rare that he’s given credit for having a major impact on many people’s lives.

Whether it’s American workers who are keeping their jobs under the Trump economy or first responders who feel respected for the first time in nearly a decade, far more people have gained hope from the 45th president than the establishment dares to admit… and one woman believes Trump actually helped save her life.

Sabine Durden is an immigrant, but unlike so many faces in the news, she actually came to this country legally. She’s also the single mother of a son who means the world to her… at least she was.

Her son Dominic was killed while riding his motorcycle six years ago. The man driving the vehicle which struck him was an illegal alien, who had neither a valid visa nor a driver’s license. “The illegal immigrant had a record of drunk driving,” reported The Daily Caller.

Durden was proud of coming to America the right way, but became distraught after she lost her only son to an illegal alien’s reckless actions.

“I didn’t drag my son … through borders, over deserts, I didn’t place him in harm’s way. I protected my child from harm but I couldn’t do that on July 12, 2012,” the grieving mother pointed out during a recent appearance at the White House, where she was invited to tell her story.

“This is my only child. I have no family. That’s it,” Durden said, clearly upset while thinking about the crash that took her son.

“The public needs to know and they deserve to know that this could happen to each one of you at any second,” she declared.

Under the Obama administration, Durden said she felt distraught that nothing was being done about the endless illegal immigration that contributed to her son’s death. She struggled with depression and even considered suicide.

That changed in June of 2015. Businessman Donald Trump announced that he was running for president to take on the establishment — and unlike so many politicians, he actually talked about the illegal immigration problem instead of sweeping it under a rug.

“Thank God our president and vice president … they rallied behind us,” Durden said about Trump and Mike Pence as she spoke from the White House.

“They were the only ones and gave us a little light. I was gonna end my life — I had no purpose,” the bereaved mother revealed.

“But President Trump coming down that escalator that day and talking about illegal immigration stopped me in my tracks and I had no clue at that point that I would ever be at the White House,” the woman declared.

Now, she’s encouraging people to come forward with stories about how problems like illegal immigration have impacted their lives, even though the media seems unwilling to report the facts.

“Make sure you get our stories out,” she said. “I wear his ashes in a locket. That is how I get to hug my son.”

That’s a powerful reminder that decisions like border enforcement aren’t just far-away policies that influence nothing. They have consequences that change the lives of everyday Americans… and it’s incredibly important to get those decisions right.

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  • Anna Salerno says:

    Our president is a GREAT man and he is keeping his campaign promises to us. My heart is sad for this mother who lost her beloved son! kudos to President Trump!

  • Larry Miller says:

    Unlike Hillary, President Trump cares about people other than himself.

  • Shirley says:

    We have a great, caring president . He is keeping his campaign promises. Something I have never saw a president do before. He will get this immigration problem fixed some way. The democrats fight him at every turn but with prayer he will get it done.

  • Marlene Willis says:

    We finally have a president who cares about all people.
    Thank you God for that.

  • Suzanne says:

    God bless her and keep her. I am so sorry about her son. I hate that for her, but I am thankful that our President and Vice President helped her live. I hope that she can continue to help with the immigration problem by giving insight.

  • RWF