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MSNBC Gets Trump’s New Approval Ratings On-Air — Genuine Freakout Ensues



MSNBC anchor Katy Tur was hosting a panel on “MTP Daily” on Monday when she stumbled upon President Donald Trump’s latest approval ratings.

She appeared to be in a state of disbelief.

“Last week was a tidal wave of bad news for this presidency and this president, and his approval rating stayed the same,” Tur said incredulously. “So I wonder — I mean, if that’s not going to move the needle, is this John McCain thing going to move the needle?”

Watch the full video below:

Tur went on to say she thought Trump’s numbers would tank after he attacked John McCain back in 2015, but his supporters stuck with him all the way. She admitted that Republican voters “didn’t care at all” when she talked to them.

That’s when MSNBC contributor Jonathan Alter claimed Trump’s supporters are “deluded” for continuing to support the president.
Tur appeared to agree.

“Eighty-eight percent of Republicans still support him — 88 percent. I’m sorry, I just — I start to wonder when we have these conversations and we say, ‘Well, this is going to be the breaking point,’ I wonder if there is a breaking point,” Tur complained. “I wonder if enough people in this country find the actions and the behavior repulsive enough to want to change what’s going on.”

One theory that Tur and MSNBC failed to explore is that the media’s non-stop, dishonest attacks on Trump have eroded the media’s credibility so severely that the more they attack him, the more voters want to support the president.

The lack of self-awareness is what is the most amazing.

President Trump made sure to capitalize on his strong numbers.

“Over 90% approval rating for your all time favorite (I hope) President within the Republican Party and 52% overall. This despite all of the made up stories by the Fake News Media trying endlessly to make me look as bad and evil as possible,” Trump tweeted. “Look at the real villains please!

The voters will decide in November.

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  • Custer9149 says:

    From the very beginning Katy Turd has always been super clueless.

  • Sophie Tomlo says:

    Most people know President Trump was repeating what General Patton said about POW’s. Some democrats have such thin skin. Life has to be hard if you are outraged with comments you disagree with. My comment with love to these people is “Butch Up”.

    • Stella H. says:

      I agree with Sophia Tomlo.

    • When Patton retook Kasseraine pass they found German SS had stripped prisoners naked and crucified them wrapping ’em to fences w/barbed wire, then blew away ALL digits, u can imagine
      Patton ordered troops to Annhilate ALL SS soldiers ‘cuz they were “Demons loosed upon Earth” This from Sgt.Melford M.Smith one of Patton’s tank comanders who also saw Arabs EAT their own human excrement out in the Sahara Desert, called them a “Disgusting primitive PPL” But in defference, u can guess thee ain’t much to EAT out in the Sahar is there>

  • Judy says:

    the John Mccain issue has nothing to do with how he has FIXED the United States after Obumma damn near ruined us! Look at what matters!

  • stella says:

    John McCain dying yet couldn’t forgive what he thought Trump did to upset him. Both are Gentlemen who wanted to do what they thought was good for this Country and I admire both of them. Quit tearing our Country down because Americans feel one way or the other. We each are entitled to our own opinion.

  • iceman56 says:

    These idiot anchors think that Prez Trump’s voters are deluded for supporting him? What does that make Obama and Hillary and Crazy Bernie voters? Aren’t they themselves deluded for supporting their own candidates? These Liberals truly are mental.

  • Twilla Arias says:

    ya mean CNN is shocked that we don’t believe their lying reports,which are that’s funny.

  • Linda says:

    These four people on MSNBC are the ones who are deluded.

  • Richard Hartrey says:

    President Trump has done more for this country in two years than President Obama did in eight. Hillary lost, get over it. For those who think we are the “deplorables”, we completely understand what the news media is trying to accomplish. It’s not working. Try supporting OUR president for a change.

  • Joe Petitjean says:

    Kelly Tur has lost her mind she just doesn’t get it.

  • Vivian W. says:

    These news people live in “La La Land!”

  • RWF