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Nadler Reaches Deal With DOJ Over Mueller Report — Contempt Vote Suspended

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler reached a deal with the Department of Justice (DOJ) Monday, one day before the House is set to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt for not complying with their subpoenas in regards to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

Nadler released the news just two hours before the hearings were set to start, saying the committee would “hold the criminal contempt process in abeyance for now” due to the cooperation from the DOJ. The entire House was expected to vote Tuesday on a resolution that would hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt for not complying with the subpoena, which will reportedly still take place despite Nadler’s statement.

“I am pleased to announce that the Department of Justice has agreed to begin complying with our committee’s subpoena by opening Robert Mueller’s most important files to us, providing us with key evidence that the Special Counsel used to assess” obstruction, he said in a statement released Monday.

The committee was also calling for information relating to former White House counsel Don McGahn, also threatening to hold him in contempt.

“If the Department proceeds in good faith and we are able to obtain everything that we need, then there will be no need to take further steps. If important information is held back, then we will have no choice but to enforce our subpoena in court and consider other remedies,” Nadler said.

“It is critical that Congress is able to obtain the information we need to do our jobs, ensuring no one is above the law and bringing the American public the transparency they deserve,” Nadler continued.

The House Judiciary Committee also voted on May 8 to hold Barr in contempt of Congress for not giving the committee special counsel Robert Mueller’s full, unredacted report.

The contempt vote is reportedly still scheduled for Tuesday, despite the agreement, Politico reported.

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  • divine justice says:

    HERE IS YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS! *8 long Diabolical Yrs.* of the (OBAMA / CLINTON ISLAMIC CALIPHATE) dedicated to > *DEMONIC ISLAMIC* (NWO) OVERTHROW OF THE “USA” Now Operating as “DEEP STATE” aka: *Panic Plan-B* to Finish the Job *Queen Hillary* was to have Completed from the “White House”! THANK YOU GOD THAT *DARK AGENDA* WAS STOPPED!!! FYI: IT’S *TREASON* PRISON TIME! (Check Facts: ACLJ Law Firm (D.C.) There your have the {Constitutional Crisis> and don’t leave out the *ILLEGALS* Border Crisis too! And the LGBTQPedo Pandemic mess as well!

  • Evangeline says:

    Nadler, Pelosi and Schumer are NEVER GOING TO GET OUR PRESIDENT because our God, Jesus Christ, is greater than all their evil schemes!

  • Richard says:

    The last thing Nadless wants is transparency. This is really a subterfuge intended to ruin the credibility of Attorney General Barr and to keep him off-balance so that he cannot properly investigate and prosecute the criminality of all those who attempted to foist the phony Russia Collusion narrative on the American public for the treacherous purpose of overthrowing our duly elected president.

  • pat says:

    Just more of the witch hunt and he is the Cotton Mather of the witch hunt. Bet he gets off on the idea of burning people at the stake, just like Mather sinse there really are no evil witches out there just evil Democrats.

  • JC says:

    Be assured, by and by, Nadler will get his.

  • Gary Gautreau says:

    No one is above the law except the dumbocraps.

  • RWF