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PATRIOTISM! Boston Police Officers Sing ‘God Bless America’ for “Patrol Car Karaoke” [VIDEO]



If you’re like me, you’re looking forward to doing a whole lot of nuthin’ tomorrow. If I leave my house it’ll be to walk down the block to the parade. Otherwise, I have a date with a hammock and my beer. Until it’s time to fire up Grill Murray. Yes, I name my BBQs. The offset smoker is Sister Abagail, and the bullet smoker is Smokey McSmokeface. Stop looking at me like that.

While you’re enjoying the day filled with meat, booze, explosives, remember those who are on the job. Like these two Boston police officers. Who saluted America by singing God Bless America.

While sitting in their cruiser, Boston police officers Kim Tavares and Stephen McNulty discussed the upcoming holiday before joining together to sing “God Bless America.”

Video by the Boston Police Department.

Cheers to you, Officer Tavares and Office McNulty.

Everyone have a relaxing and safe Independence Day. Which means while you’re lighting a firecracker, don’t blow off a finger. It’ll really ruin your day, and the day of people who have to save you from being a stupid idiot.

Remember, America is superior to any other country. Ever. Yes, even you, England. Change my mind.

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  • Bill Peters says:

    That was great

  • SandyJ says:

    What a great job they did on that wonderful tribute to America. They are goooood!

  • Anne Gerrard says:

    These two are good. Both have great voices. Loved it. Thanks to you both and all police and sheriff’s officers for your service.

  • jim says:

    Out F&%king Standing!

  • RWF