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Pelosi Makes Disturbing Announcement As To Just How Far Dems Are Going To Go For New Gun Laws



Democrats will take aim at gun rights once they take power in the House next year, according to Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi.

” … (T)he new Democratic Majority will act boldly and decisively to ensure that no other family must endure the pain caused by gun violence,” the California Democrat said Friday, in a statement marking the sixth anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

What Democrats are billing as a measure to create universal background checks will be introduced early in next year’s sessions, said California Democratic Rep. Mike Thompson, according to Politico.

“It will be strong legislation to expand background checks, and I will have a very respectful show” of co-sponsors, Thompson said. “I think you will see it happen in the first 100 days.”

Thompson said his bill requires federal background checks on every gun sale, including private deals, with some exemptions for transfers among family members.

“The American people want this. They’re way ahead of the Congress, they’re way ahead of the White House,” Thompson insisted.

Peter King, a Republican congressman from New York state, has said he will be among the Republicans supporting the Democrats’ bill.

Fellow New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a Democrat who will chair the House Judiciary Committee, said the bill will move “very quickly” to the floor for a vote.

“It’s very important to us, it’s one of our top priorities. We told the American voters that we do mean to do this, and we do mean to do it,” Nadler said, according to Politico.

Some Republicans downplay the real significance of the bill.

“Universal background checks has always been a red herring,” said North Carolina Republican Rep. Richard Hudson, according to Politico.

“It’s something that sounds very commonsense and probably polls very well, but there’s not a single commercial gun transaction in America that doesn’t have a background check,” he said.

Hudson said good intentions do not always produce good legislation.

“People who are putting this forward, I think they have good intentions,” he told Politico. “They don’t want the wrong people to have guns. But the wrong people are not going to report gun sales. So you will need a registry to know where every gun is.”

The gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety said it expects widespread support for the bill.

“The public has been demanding commonsense gun laws for years,” said Everytown President John Feinblatt, according to Politico. “The public is ready for the Congress to act. The new leadership that’s coming to the House in 2019 is listening to voters, and that’s what they should be doing.”

Although House Democrats might pass a bill, the Republican-controlled Senate and President Donald Trump stand in the way of anti-gun rights legislation becoming law.

However, House Democrats will also try to ensure that they provide money for studies to provide a research basis for gun violence legislation, said New Jersey Democratic Rep. Frank Pallone Jr., according to The Hill.

“We have tried repeatedly over the last few years” to get the federal Centers for Disease Control to research gun violence, “and every time we try to do it we were turned down by Republicans,” Pallone said, adding that the committee might require the surgeon general’s office file an annual report on the damage done by gun violence.

“We’re going to authorize the legislation we have not been able to move because of Republicans,” Pallone said. “That will make sure that kind of funding is available through the CDC.”

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  • fred h smith says:

    the ONLY people who this will affect are those trying to hide something

    • PhantomCat says:

      I agree Fred! I strongly believe in the second amendment, but background checks are a MUST!

    • Judith Davis says:

      Georgia has a strict background check. I have a permit to carry and I had to have one.

    • Dragonfly43 says:

      Correct! I’d like to know just how Pelosi and her ilk plan to exercise their gun control plan over the criminals and with people who have had guns for years that they got from a deceased family member. If people really paid attention, they’d notice that all the Democratically controlled cities always have the highest gun related crimes and they have the strictest gun control laws.

  • C G says:

    You can make all the gun laws you want,, It has to go through Congress to be effective!! Even if you managed to disarm America! There’s still the BLACK MARKET! AMERICA will be armed when the UN DECIDES TO. TAKE OVER!!!

  • Michael says:

    If these Communist’s are successful you can expect widespread non-compliance. There is no real benefit to background checks. Those proposing these gun laws know that they are ineffective and that additional gun laws will not have an impact on gun violence. The real aim is gun confiscation. That has always been the real goal. The reason for gun violence has nothing to do with guns. Most Americans know and understand that guns are not the problem. None of these antigun laws are constitutional.

  • Doug says:

    “…ensure that no other family must endure the pain caused by gun violence,…”

    All these laws and restrictions Demonrats want will do nothing to curb gun violence. Nothing. Those who flaunt the law will continue to do so, though with impunity. There isn’t a gun law they can introduce that will affect anyone but law-abiding citizens.

    • Mike says:

      I agree 100%

    • Ilse says:

      Agree as well 100%. I am ok with everything they propose as long as it takes guns out of the hands of the criminals that commit crimes with guns. How will they get power over them? As Dragonfly above said, every city that is controlled by Democrats have the highest gun violence in the entire country. FIX THAT PELOSI! The mothers in the inner city would love to have their children to be safe when they leave their home or even in their beds at home.

  • Joseph Holland says:

    They are only going to control the guns that require a back ground check, the terrorist will still have there guns so think about it for a moment, they want to take all the guns away from everyone, then just the bad guys will be the only one with a gun, funny huh.

  • Jerry Murphy says:

    We will not comply!

  • Mike says:

    Totally illegal

  • Greg says:

    The public is ready for secured borders… Thats the job of the federal government, not going after legal gun owners. Where was she when fast & furious was going on??

  • Teresa says:

    I had heard there is a democrat congressman that wants to look into every one that owns a gun there private emails. This is a slippery slope and we are going to end up like Venezuela, this was the start of the downfall of there country. Dems want open borders but i am sure if it a gun toting Mexican Drug cartel they will get away with having guns, it would be racist to come against them. Laws are only made for everybody else, not minorities.

  • Wayne Garnick says:

    All that needs done, if this bill somehow passes, is challenge it in court. File a lawsuit that it is unconstitutional. Take it to as high a court as it will require to knock this law down as unconstitutional.

  • Bonnie says:

    These are unconstitutional elected representatives who swear an oath of office to uphold the constitution! They already have plenty of gun laws. They also have body guards who have guns. There are t enough policemen available and afforible to come to our rescue, so the constitution enables us to protect ourselves, family and home from criminals. Nancy and friends are damned hypocrites advocating breaking our law that protects us from criminals and dictators .

  • Bonnie says:

    Oh yeah…One more thing…I’m sure she’s for women’s rights, and for many years I’ve been reading about former anti- gun women buying guns and learning to use them to protect themselves from bad guys! Common sense?

  • Terry says:

    You can’t take the guns away from the people period. It’s unconstitutional, always has been, always will be. It takes a 2/3 majority vote by the people of the states to change the constitution. Congress can’t just up and change it because a few people think it’s a good idea. It’s been tried and failed countless times. It’s called an exercise in futility. You can scream at the top of your lungs until your eyes pop out and your face turns blue. That’s the way it works.

  • Joe says:

    The Democrats can pass all kinds of crazy bills in the house, but the Senate is where the rubber meets the road. The house better send them good bills. What scares me about this bill is the rhetoric – “we want to know where every gun is.” Why? So you can TAKE every gun? I want to see the fine print on this.
    I have no doubt the libs in the house will pass bills allowing cows to vote and letting people marry their toaster ovens or their toilet, but thank heavens there’s two more branches for a bill to get through to become law.

  • C. L. Cake says:

    The Democrats are hoping they won’t have to plan and execute more school shootings to get the American people to accept gun confiscation, which is their ultimate goal. The Media will someday make a mistake in their cover-up and the American people will see how deep the Democrats’ involvement in the school shootings really goes! Find a kid who’s an outcast, and on Ritalin, and give him a little “pep talk”, and you have a sensational excuse to push for more gun control. Collateral damage means NOTHING to Democrats who crave ultimate control, which ALWAYS begins with disarming the people.

  • Greg says:

    Ya sure Nancy let’s waste more taxpayer money on studies that have been studied to death allready…
    And I believe that most ALL school shootings have been done buy legally bought guns n went through these checks when someone buys a gun SO WHAT THE STUDY GONNA STUDY BESIDES YOU N UR CROOKED CROONIES GETTING RICHER BY SKIMMING OFF THE TOP LIKE USUAL N ACCOMPLISH NOTHING AT ALL TO PROTECT ANYONE U LIEING POS

  • Larry Gaines says:

    Pelosi you are so Full of SHIT

  • John says:

    Dems need to focus on the worst perpetrators of gun violence – the Democrats committing drug and gang related violence and murder with their mostly stolen guns. They ignore the hell out of that.

  • coachpan says:

    Know were every gun is…? The feds Postel Office doesn’t know which house to even deliver the mail to!

  • Proud vet says:

    Nancy the people who have the guns in this country know that you are not doing anything but hiding behind humanism to disarm America just like the people in Venezuela or shall we call your comments counterparts who more Bamba love so dearly did to their people and out those people are suffering and being abused by an abuse of government was a half a percent ruling elite like you Nancy live well, well it’s not gonna happen here Nancy it’s called but your favorite person who should’ve been taken out and hang for her treason against the American people Maxine Waters resist resist resist come and get them Nancy if you got the guts I don’t think you have the nerve. We’re sick of your lies and deceit and were sick of you Pissing on the constitution, and less it suits you to get your scummy ass out of trouble. May God bless America and may he smart you and Schumer and Durbin first,Before he burns the rest of your house down to send a message to your pimps the one world order billionaires!

  • Tommie3761 says:

    “The American People want this” …BS…! This is what the lefties always say when they try to control and violate people’s rights. I’m sure that the Nazi party said much the same thing when they targeted the Jewish people!
    If there ever is a 2nd Civil War in America, purging the country of leftist ideology needs to be at the top of the list of things that need to gotten rid of. If we continue the leftist agenda, the USA will no long exist in 20 years! Maybe “that’s what the people want!”

  • Sue Ross says:

    How quickly they think they can get a gun law passed, but not build a wall to keep illegals out. Some who will get in and not follow the rules of our country and will do harm to our citizens. These government elected people are not following what the people want , but their own hateful agenda to hurt Trump. When will people understand that? Oh, they won’t because they were elected by other hateful people against Trump.

  • Michigan Man says:

    Maybe the can include a section that identifies mental patients who could be a danger to themselves or others. Mental illness is never discussed, it is always THE GUNS. If someone want to kill someone, the can do it without guns. Timothy McVay comes to mind.

  • Rodney D Callahan says:

    Pelosi, try as she might, forgets one thing. No bill brought forth cannot be put into law without the POTUS signing said bill! Trust me………….I am not worried!

  • RWF