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Rape Victim Gives Congress a Lesson on Gun Control

Democrats don’t seem to understand that gun control only prevents good people from protecting themselves.

In preparation for passing new gun control legislation, the Democratic-controlled House Judiciary Committee held a hearing Wednesday on “gun violence,” according to The Associated Press.

“For far too long, Republicans in Congress have offered moments of silence instead of action in the wake of gun tragedies. That era is over,” House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler said.

Their proposed bill, H.R. 8, would introduce onerous, unnecessary universal background checks.

And that’s only the first gun control bill that’s coming out of the Democrat-controlled House. There are definitely more to come.

Before the bill is finalized, the House Judiciary Committee took testimonies — mostly anti-gun testimonies, but they did hear from Savannah Lindquist, a legal gun owner and rape survivor.

Lindquist’s story is tragic. She was attacked at North Philadelphia’s Temple University — a gun-free college campus, which meant she was unable to protect herself.

“I was left completely shattered,” she said.

Check out a portion of her testimony here.

“I was living my dream,” the 24-year old began, about the attack in 2016. “I had just begun my senior year of college. I was at my dream school with my dream major. I loved my job and was just months easy from graduating college.”

Her ideal college dream “shattered” when she was raped.

She was a trained gun owner and could have defended herself if she was legally allowed to have her gun on campus.

“I am a gun owner and I was one at the time,” Lindquist said. “I even began safety training and target practice when I was 10 years old.”

“But because of so-called common sense gun control laws, I was left defenseless that night,” Lindquist continued.

“Yes, I could have broken the law and brought my firearm to college,” Lindquist said. “I obeyed the law as a responsible gun owner and it ends up in me being raped.”

Gun control doesn’t make people safe.

In fact, gun control makes law-abiding citizens easier targets.

“I am just one of countless examples of gun control benefiting assailants and making victims like myself sitting ducks,” Lindquist said.

It’s important to note how much the left’s push for gun control will hurt women. Women are more likely to be targets for sexual assault and typically less able to fight back.

There are countless stories of women using firearms to protect themselves and their families against violent criminals.

For a party that supposedly supports women, Democrats will end up hurting women with gun control.

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  • MD Patriot says:

    You would think that the Democrats and RINOs would understand what happens with their bullcrap anti-gun laws that only disarms law-abiding people and severs their ability to defend themselves and their families! The criminal element and gang members will always have firearms and they know that the Democrats and RINOs are disarming the law-abiding citizens, which I’m sure has them dancing with joy, because they know that there will be no defense against them and their guns!

  • RWF