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Rapper Common Praises NBA For Dropping ‘Owner’ Title: ‘Nobody Owns Us’

The push by several NBA teams to remove the title “owner” from the person who purchases and manages the team has earned the praise of social justice warrior and the wokest of woke rapper, Common.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, the politically outspoken performer said the term owner “never sat right with me.”

“I’m so pleased,” Common told the outlet. “The term owner — it didn’t sit right with me. The history of what we have and we are as black people in this country … it’s just not really being considerate of the history.”

The new terms that some NBA teams have adopted are “Managing Partner” and “Chairman.”

Common especially appreciated NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for referring to one team’s majority investor as “governor” instead of “owner.”

“Nobody owns us,” Common said. “These men are professionals.”

As The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti reported, the term “owner” is actually colloquial and has never been an official term of the NBA, which officially refers to such men and women as governors.

“The term owner, TMZ says, is actually colloquial,” Zanotti reported. “The NBA, which says it isn’t pressuring league executives to find a better way to describe themselves, refers to “owners” as ‘governors,’ and the collection of NBA owners as the ‘Board of Governors’ of the National Basketball Association.”

Controversy over the use of the word “owner” erupted in 2018 when the Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green told the HBO sports show, “The Shop,” that he found the term racially insensitive, evoking images of plantation owners, given the predominance of black players in the NBA.

“You shouldn’t say owner,” Green said. “When you think of a basketball team, nobody thinks of the f***in’ Golden State Warriors and think of that damn bridge. They think of the players that make that team … you don’t even know what the f*** [the bridge] is called.”

“When your product is purely the labor of people, then owner sounds like something that is of a feudal nature,” added commentator Jon Stewart.

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors made that claim while sitting on a net worth of $30 million, meaning he has fully enjoyed the fruits of his labors on behalf of the team’s owner.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban vehemently disagrees with the language change, noting that the owner actually does own the team beyond just managerial decisions.

“For him to try to turn it into something it’s not is wrong,” Cuban told ESPN. “He owes the NBA an apology. I think he does, because to try to create some connotation that owning equity in a company that you busted your ass for is the equivalent of ownership in terms of people, that’s just wrong. That’s just wrong in every which way.”

Cuban continued: “People who read that message and misinterpret it — make it seem like we don’t do everything possible to help our players succeed and don’t care about their families and don’t care about their lives, like hopefully we do for all of our employees — that’s just wrong.”

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  • Anne Gerrard says:

    If nobody owns them, who is going to pay them. The owners hold the purse strings.

  • Gary says:

    The owners do not own players…he/she employs them thus it is an employer/employee relationship. The owners own a franchise and have built and own all infrastructure associated with owning the franchise.

  • Robert Pavlick says:

    WOW ! I cannot believe how the NBA and other organizations are just rolling over and giving in to all of these ridiculous demands ! Now there will be NO demands that they will not have to give in to ! What’s next ? NBA players wearing scullcaps and galabyas? Or Maybe NBA players wearing turbans. Or better yet, NBA players who “identify as women” wearing brassiers and pantyhose !!!!

  • kat says:

    More politically correct BS.

  • Jeff Harmon says:


  • Chuck says:

    What a bunch of B.S. If a person owns a business he is the damn owner. He does no say he owns the people, they are his employees. Get over your racist crap. You also need to grow the F up.

  • The owners own the teams, you pathetic waste of breath. Are you, as a black man, so pathetic that the word owner hurts your delicate, little feelings? The players are employees, no one ever called them property. The black person has turned into the biggest snowflake of them all, even worse than college students. You you all be ashamed of how pitiful you’ve become.

  • Diana says:

    Hey idiots you are owned just like the rest of us who work for someone even ceos work for someone just you creeps get way to much money for playing a game get over yourself grow quit trying to be something your not you are No different than anyone else that includes ceos, payed way to much for nothing it is the workers that really deserve the money not game playing, or setting on your ass in a fancy office

  • william Souther says:

    Oh I can’t wait to see where this goes! Prepare now to see every angry black person an axe to grind against “WHitey/The Man” is going to start pulling this bullshit in every workplace. “You’re right asshole! I don’t OWN you! I own the company that provides you with a way to support your family. But since you, apparently don’t appreciate that enough to recognize me as the owner of this COMPANY that you work for? You can turn in your shit and find another place to work! BYE!!!!

  • william Souther says:

    Ohhhhh please, “Common”….please preach to me some more with your stupid hand and arms flailing around in that idiotic style of yours. You’re a shit actor, a shit rapper, and no one gives a f*ck what you think about what NBA owners are called.

  • Lee Price says:

    Cuban is singing a different tune now that what is being said affects something that he worked for.
    “For him to try to turn it into something it’s not is wrong,” Cuban told ESPN. “He owes the NBA an apology. I think he does, because to try to create some connotation that owning equity in a company that you busted your ass for is the equivalent of ownership in terms of people, that’s just wrong.”
    The shoe is on the other foot now that it affects you, Mark Cuban. Your finally realized that Socialisim is great, until they run out of other peoples money! Now they want your money too Cuban.

  • Ron Brooks says:

    Just another stupid attack on the freedom we have in this country by a bunch of over rated dipshits who have nothing better to do than cry like little bitches. No one has ever said they own the players, but they absolutely own the team, just like any business owner. If you don’t like it, give up that outrageous paycheck, and go get a real job, working for another owner, dumb asses.

  • Connie says:

    If there are no owners, they then have the right to refuse the outrageous contracts most of these assholes get.
    I am so damn sick of ALL sport figures, who feel they can do & say any damn thing they want.
    There is ALWAYS someone better.

  • RWF