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Restaurant Kicks Sarah Sanders Out Over Ties to Trump. Her Response is Perfect!

Lefties pride themselves on being masters of “tolerance” and “inclusion.” Unless of course your stance on the Donald is anything other than pure disgust. Should you be the type who thinks the Orange One is doing a decent job as president, good luck getting a table in their restaurant.

Just ask Sarah Sanders:

Sarah Sanders has slammed the manager of a Virginia restaurant who refused to serve her and seven family members on Friday night, saying: ‘Her actions say far more about her than about me’.

The White House Press Secretary tweeted on Saturday morning that she ‘politely left’ The Red Hen in Lexington after it was made clear she was not welcome ‘because I work for POTUS’.

Sanders has received intense criticism over recent days as one of the most public defenders of President Trump’s now reversed policy to separate migrant children from their families.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the owner of the establishment is well within her rights to chuck out Huckabee. Though, the legality of the head honcho’s decision doesn’t change our assessment of her.

It’s amusing how the left feels about denying service. If a Jesus-loving baker of cakes politely denies a gay couple some red velvet, they’re law-breaking bigots. On the other hand, when it’s the left doing the kicking, everything’s a-okay.

Sarah Sanders handled this situation with class. She didn’t run crying into the arms of the ACLU. She simply left and gave her greenbacks to another restaurant. If the owner wants her customers to pass a political litmus test to partake of her cuisine, she’s free to do so. Though, if that’s the case, I doubt she’s going to stay in business for very long. So be it.

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  • John Smith says:

    Why do “righties” pride themselves so much on INtolerance and EXclusion? Why are you so proud of being assholes and illogical shitheads? Asking for a friend.

    • So much for the “Red Hen”. Lexington, Va. They decided not to serve Sarah and her group, which is their right. But – it is MY right NOT to give my money to a business that shows it bigotry, intolerance, and un-Americanism in such a shameful way. The owner of this business has decided to politicize her business?? So be it – it’s on her head!! We can surely abide by HER rules!! Yet, you leftist set this type of rule, then get ticked when we Conservative/republican AMERICANS gladly oblige. After all, we’re learning who our enemy is.

      • Marg says:

        Apparently Red Hen owner is Meryl Streep’s cousin

        • razingcane says:

          From bad to worse. Streep’s behavior makes me suspect her of possible ties to Hollywood’s pedo-rings. (She sure adores Roman Polanski.) another pompous useless fraud that so many people follow like slaves because she gets 1000 attempts to get a few lines right, then gets to have them edited and re-edited until they have the desired manipulative effect. Perhaps the relationship explains how the “Chicken Shit Cafe” can stay open while only seating 34 and closing 2 days per week. Like an old sushi place on Ventura Blvd: “Something’s Fishy”.

          BTW – I hear mother hen stepped down as the place’s manager. She sure laid a rotten egg. With any luck, they’ll be OOB, along with that pig Maxine Waters.

      • AMY GARRETT says:


      • AMY GARRETT says:


    • John says:

      You must be a total IDIOT John. What, or who, you describe above are the leftist liberals =NOT the “right”. The “righties” respect everyone who deserves respect. We do not make fun of kids, as you do, we love our families, friends and country, and we believe in the constitution, all of it! We do NOT shut or shout down speakers that do not believe as we do nor do we throw patrons of of our establishment because they do NOT believe the way we do. You are, in my opinion, NOT true Americans but ARE blindless followers of Hollywood has beens who will say and do anything to try to stay in the public limelight,.

    • Trump took Lincoln’s advice on Border Laws> To wit:
      Abraham Lincoln said this>
      “IF U want to Repeal a Bad Law, enforce it STRICTLY”
      Most Amreicans REVERE Abraham Lincoln, DO U?

    • BigBear says:

      Wth are you talking about

  • Aurora says:

    Whiy the gay people sue the Muslim bakery,they only do it to Christian this is a double standard ………..

  • John Smith says:

    Your claim that Huckabee-Sanders handled this situation with “class” couldn’t be more wrong. She went on Twitter and used her power and clout to sic the MAGA-Morons onto a local restaurant. Those same MAGA-Morons are now attempting to destroy this restaurant via social media. A “classy” way of handling the situation would have been for her to say “I’m sorry you feel that way. We’ll go elsewhere” and then to NOT make a public spectacle out of it. But, of course, Huckabee-Sanders couldn’t do that. After all, look at who her father is. Another liar and disgusting human being.

    • Gerald Cline says:

      Right. She should have just taken the insult quietly as her just due because YOU hate all Trump supporters. I suppose when self-righteous intolerant moralists like you decide it is okay to start shooting Trump supporters because we are evil we should just allow you to kill us without protest because YOU are so morally superior.

    • How does it feel? You are accusing her of the things you on the left have been doing for the past two years, and worse. Clean up your own act before you criticize others for standing up for their own rights.

    • Caliann says:

      John Smith, Your a perfect example of a liberal liar! When are you liberals ever going to get tired of lying every day? We all know Sarah and she is a Christian and has nothing but class and she didn’t tell people to go protest the restaurant they are doing that on their own you moron and what difference does it make if she tweeted it that she was kicked out! millions of other people would have done the same thing! Your a liberal hypocrite because all we ever see is your liberals tweeting death to the President and telling people to go assault him and his family and even going as far as to incite someone to kidnap Barron or assault Melania! You liberals are the most disgusting things on the face of this earth next to MS-13 gang! Your all sick! seriously sick in the head!

      • John Smith says:

        Such a classy response. Lots of hate, ignorance and threats. SO Republican.

        • ALL Liberals have one thing in common>
          TRUTH sounds like HATE since they ALL HATE TRUTH
          Other common trate is NO COMMON SENSE
          Anyone w/a BRAIN knows what POTUS has done w/border law
          Trump is following Lincoln’s advice on Bad Laws> To wit:
          Lincoln said this>
          “IF U want to Repeal Bad Law, simply enforce it STRICTLY”

        • You, John Smith are a total Asshole ~ SO Democratic!

    • If you don’t understand the HUGE difference between the government forcing someone that refuses to bake a cake for a gay wedding (because it violates the baker’s religious convictions) AND a restaurant refusing to seat someone because you don’t like their politics, you’re ignorant and need to educate yourself.

      • John Smith says:

        Actually, YOU are the ignorant one and need to educate yourself. What Euckabee-Sanders did with her Tweet was ILLEGAL.
        But, of course, none of you Dumbest of the Dumb types care about that because you want this White House to be above the law and impose authoritarian rule. Problem is, you’re too stupid to know or understand how and why it was illegal. Do some research. TRY to be smarter.

    • Gramoose says:

      The bottom line is a lesson for restaurant owners. If you don’t want your employees behaving like intolerant butt-hurt babies and insulting the patrons, don’t hire gays.

  • razingcane says:

    “Now, don’t get me wrong, the owner of the establishment is well within her rights to chuck out Huckabee. Though, the legality of the head honcho’s decision doesn’t change our assessment of her….”
    Really? He can do that? So why wouldn’t that extend to other reasons as well… say SKIN COLOR?? Are we going to start seeing signs in restaurants and other businesses ostensibly open to the public that say “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”?? js…

    • Ron Brooks says:

      You don’t pay attention do you? Those signs already exist on most businesses across this country because that is the law. If I have a business,I decide who I do business with. Otherwise folks would be forced to work with racist hate groups like black lies matter, and naacp, cair, kkk, etc.

  • Deanne says:

    It’s been the violent liberal lefts platform since obama to riot, marches caIling for the death of police, openly pysically attacking Trump voters and supporters, abuse thier authority positions in the FBI, harrass Trump supporters and employees having meals at public restaurants, denying conservatives of their fundamental right to free speech and now openly calling for the violence of American children for illegal aliens even liberal media is being PAID to lie …time to call them EXACLTY what they are – DOMESTIC TERRROISTS
    *copy & paste if you agree*

  • Mike says:

    So much for the “Red Hen”. Lexington, Va.

  • Ron says:

    Everybody stay cool and calm. When they pick on Ivanka, it’s more votes for President Trump. When they pick on Melania, it’s more votes for Trump. When they pick on Sara, the same thing happens. So, now worries. And, Nancy Pelosi, don’t quit whatever you do!!

    • Gerald Cline says:

      The problem is, Ron, these are the American equivalent of the Khmer Rough. They keep pushing the envelope to see how far they can go. Where do we deplorables draw the line? When they start rounding us up, putting us in concentration camps, and systematically start executing us? Don’t think for one second it might not come to that.

  • Randy says:

    as disgusting as this is. business owners have always had this right. If I see this being enforced I try not to go to those stores. I have not seen any of this yet in restaurants I go to but trust that if I saw it they would lose a customer forever.

    • Dianna says:

      I think it would be wise to just leave the restaurant if there are signs they don’t want you there. Who knows, maybe they will spit on your food or do some other disgusting thing and you would never know it. And as you say Randy, I would never go back to that establishment and maybe I would spend more time cooking at home. I’m glad Sarah Sanders left the restaurant and let the rest of us know this sort of thing is happening. These days, what goes around – comes around, sadly. Everyone seems to be acting crazy and it’s ruining our lives. Everyone… please… just stop the hatred!!

  • Randy london says:

    I’ve got a great idea… we all make reservations to go to Nobu wearing TRUMP hats and when Denobody throws us all out he goes out of BUSINESS and 1 down a few more left to go !!!!

    • UWeber says:

      “Randy, Sandy, how many handy, dandy names do you have? “Silly, guess you are a Teeny!” “Grow up, Baby!!!”

  • Gerald Cline says:

    This manager is the same person who demands gay couples get special serve, but has no problem discriminating against someone who does not hold THEIR political views. Selective moral outrage. DISGUSTING…!?!?!

  • Time to call in the health dept. for a little inspection, or OSHA for a safety problem. Hit them where it hurts!

    • SoCal Lady says:

      Very Rude of the owner of restaurant to be kicking out Sarah…Boycott the restaurant, hit them in their pocketbook!

  • anna vanbuskirk says:

    boycott this restaurant for the mistreatment of Sarah.

  • Judy Stinger says:

    The owner of this restaurant is obviously consumed with hate for anyone that’s connected or supporting President Trump. If she believes that what she did is good business practices and she’s dumber than dumb. And what was reported she standing her ground while being interviewed by all the lying fake news networks. Just the same Trump supporters can stand their ground and boycott her restaurant. And that’s our right.

  • Michael D Benninger says:

    You have the right to be a wrap head and we have the right to not buy your products.

  • Sophie Tomlo says:

    Muslims have established no go zones so why not democrats. If I had a business, everyone would be welcome if they are civilized.

  • RWF