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Rubio Pushes Trump Admin To Save Unborn Baby And Disabled Mother Forced To Have An Abortion



Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio pushed the Trump administration Monday to intervene in the case of a Catholic disabled woman forced to have an abortion against her will.

British Justice Nathalie Lieven ruled Friday that the woman, who has the mental age of a child between 6 and 9 and is 22 weeks pregnant, must have a forced abortion. The woman is in her 20’s, according to the New York Times,and police are currently investigating how she was impregnated.

The Court of Appeal overturned the court order Monday, according to the Press Association.

Rubio reached out in a letter Monday to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan to intervene in what Rubio called “a clear human rights violation.”

The Florida senator suggested that the United States help this woman seek a “humanitarian alternative” to the forced abortion.

“I write with grave concern about the case of a 22-week pregnant Catholic woman with developmental disabilities in the United Kingdom who—against the wishes of her and her Nigerian-origin mother—is being required by a British court to undergo a forced late-term abortion,” Rubio wrote in the letter.

“I urge your Departments to quickly investigate this case and, within all applicable laws and regulations, to offer assistance to her and her mother in seeking alternative medical car,” the Florida senator added.

The NHS trust that is responsible for care of the pregnant woman requested doctors to perform the abortion, UK-based Sky News reported.

“I am acutely conscious of the fact that for the State to order a woman to have a termination where it appears that she doesn’t want it is an immense intrusion,” Lieven said Friday according to the Times at the Court of Protection. The court typically makes decisions for persons who cannot make decisions for themselves.

Lieven says she must act in the woman’s “best interests, not on society’s views of termination” and that the woman would not understand what it meant to give birth.

“It is critical to note the fact that this pregnant Catholic woman and her mother oppose the ruling,” Rubio added in his Monday letter.

“Even British Justice Lieven has acknowledged their opposition and the ‘immense intrusion’ that her ruling to authorize a forced late-term abortion on this woman therefore represents.”

The woman’s mother is Catholic and cited both her own and her daughter’s religious beliefs in her protests against the decision. The mother is a former midwife from Nigeria who wishes to care for the child, according to the Times. The woman’s mother, her social worker, and her lawyers all protested against Lieven’s ruling.

But the Court of Appeal, composed of Lord Justice Richard McCombe, Lady Justice Eleanor King and Lord Justice Peter Jackson, overturned Lieven’s previous ruling on Monday, according to the Press Association.

The publication reveals that judges said they would reveal the full background on why they made such a ruling later.

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  • Kathleen Redman says:

    I am so thankful Rubio is stepping in. This would have a horrendous effect on the woman and her family, not to mention the child. It’s MURDER! and those people don’t care! Once you let forced abortion in once, it will only spread.

  • Mary says:

    So wrong!
    The patient is 22 years old. She can have a baby.
    Her mental status may be of a child but, she knows well to Not abort.

    Mother and daughter must get away. Mother is a midwife, she can deliver the baby.
    God bless them.

  • LaB says:

    We live in such an evil world any longer. Infanticide is accepted as “normal”. There are no morals nor any conscience in any of our leaders. Vicious, soulless, cold, calculating, beasts. They are not human. Humanity is being utterly annihilated, day by day, and it is just being allowed to happen right before our eyes.

  • Gayle says:

    Government should not be allowed to terminate a human life! Once that is allowed there will be no end to it! Anytime they deem you are of no value to the government they will order your death! They are evil!

  • Shirley casale says:

    Every child has a right to live regardless of the adults situation at the time . It’s Gods child and should be allowed to live AMEN!
    May God protect and see to it the child will be born and taken care of by a loving mother no matter who becomes the keeper of this child as God will protect it and it’s life AMEN!

  • Dragonfly43 says:

    This is the kind of life Democrats want for everyone. Judges will decide everyone’s fate. They must be voted out of office.

  • RWF