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Sarah Sanders Drops the Mic on WH Reporters as They Are Left With Their Jaws on the Floor



White House press secretary Sarah Sanders held her first White House press briefing in nearly a month, and she certainly didn’t hold back from her usual scorching responses.

Sanders chose to end the briefing after answering a question as to why President Donald Trump seemed to be against women and for men when it came to allegations of sexual assault.

Watch the video below to see her epic response:

Here is how the exchange went down:

Reporter: “President Trump has seemed to link the credibility of a claim with how much time has passed since the individual made it. President Trump has also called the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic church “very sad,” but many of those victims waited decades before coming forward.”

“Why does the president seem to assume men who are claiming abuse but wait to come forward are telling the truth, but not women?”

Sarah Sanders: “That’s just completely untrue. The president has supported again, throughout this entire process, Dr. Ford’s ability to come forward and tell her story. He’s the one that ordered the FBI to do a further supplemental background check to look into each individual accusations and allegations that the Senate deems necessary before making a vote.”

“He’s also been more than happy to give a platform to the accusers who came out against then-President Bill Clinton. To say that he has never sided with women is just ridiculous.”

Reporter: “He has implied that they are coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden and cited that as a reason why, even though he has called for an investigation–”

Sanders: “He’s saying that because after Judge Kavanaugh has been in public service and in the public eye for over 26 years, been through six background investigations, and now part of a seventh, that this is the first time you are ever hearing of any of these allegations.”

“The fact that through all of those background checks, not even an inkling of any of those things has ever come up, despite the fact he was one of the top prosecutors for Ken Starr and in a major public position, none of these things came up.”

“When he was nominated to be on the federal bench, none of these things came up. He’s been a public figure and there’s been a lot of opportunity for people to raise this issue, and it never has. And now, at the eleventh hour, the Democrats have exploited this process and done so publicly. That’s a shame and he’s simply calling that out.”

“Thanks so much, guys, we’ll see you soon.” [Sanders leaves the podium]

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  • Ramona says:

    May our God Bless Sarah, she is a good, honest, loving American in all…GOD BLESS SARAH…amen


    Sara is awesome ! When the MSM tries to exaggerate and cherry pick Sara puts them right in place with very simple
    F A C T “S. !!!!!
    Did you catch that…..FACST’S. !!!!

  • ANI4ANI says:

    The cherries they r picking r mushy & rotted.

  • Notalib says:

    No wonder we the public are so disgusted with MSM and the WH press corp. How stupid can that reporter be? She sounds like she has not listened to or watched Trump on T.V at all. Has she been in a box during her time as a reporter?

    MSM and the WH press corp suck! John Roberts is a pretty darn good reporter as well as others but most seem to be about the same caliber as the one that asked those questions.

  • David Holland says:

    Sarah Sanders is AWESOME, she tells it like it is

  • T Curry says:

    Sarah is the Bomb. She knocks the ball out of the park and is the best Press Secretary reporter we have every seen. When the disrespectful press continues to interrupt she knocks them aside and puts them in their place. Kick this disrespectful woman reporter to the curb.

  • EMarie Sobien says:

    You go girl!!!

  • IMJustice says:

    Don’t ever fault a reporter…..
    We have to start faulting their bosses,
    who direct them what to say, what their agenda should be,
    and which side they are getting paid to be on…..

    • Chan Bailey says:

      The reporter’s can choose to do a better job, change employers, or change careers. They don’t have to continue being part of the problem. If they are big enough to ask a stupid or loaded questions they should be able to handle any blow back that results from it.

    • caroline adams says:

      Don’t ever fault a reporter? Crap!!

  • Larry says:

    Sarah gave the press, and that reporter in particular, all the respect they deserved.

  • Rolfe Green says:

    A person’s testimony in an accusation is not evidence.

    It appears that 100’s of Professors Of Law signed a letter basically allowing what could be lies as evidence. I have long believed Professors of Law are basically Professors of Lies, and this proceeding shows exactly that to be the case. They don’t care about evidence as long as they think their ‘testimony’ like Blumenthal’s claim to be a Vietnam veteran is sufficient evidence we should all out of ignorance of The Truth believe. Beliefs are not evidence, neither are they The Truth…

    If you believe that testimony like Ford’s is The Truth, then you believe that Jim Jones is God with the Professor of Law from southern California who died at the compound in Guyana…

    See the Facebook dot com/AllAboutTheTruth page for more information, and post your thoughts.

  • jwood1952 says:

    Ever notice that whatever position the Dem Party of Soros takes on anything, the MSM has the exact same position every single time. The MSM tries to fix elections for the Dem Party, never do that for Repubs. They fix debates for Dem Candidates, never even offer to do it for Repubs.

  • Babs says:

    Can’t stand to watch or listen to Ford & her lying squeaky voice, she wished she met Kavanaugh, Liar I pray Karma gets her..

  • Michigan Man says:

    Funny, that was exactly the way I feel about Obama and Hillary.

  • RWF