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Sen. Cruz Perfectly Dissects The Democrats’ Motivation Behind Its Scorched Earth Tactics In Kavanaugh Hearing



It’s not often that a senator so succinctly breaks down everything — and we mean everything — but Sen. Ted Cruz did just that on the opening day of President Trump’s confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court.

The Texas Republican broke it all down simply:

“This hearing is not about the qualifications of the nominee,” Cruz said, then followed with a slew of facts.

“This hearing is not about his judicial record,” he said, then more facts.

“Today is also not about documents,” then facts.

Cruz then declared what the Democratic tactics of delay and distract really is about.

“I believe this fight is nothing more and nothing less than an attempt by our Democratic colleagues to relitigate the 2016 election,” Cruz said.

He then makes an extremely convincing argument — again, full of facts — to make his case.

It’s so perfectly worded and organized that you really oughta’ take 14 minutes and watch his full opening statement.

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  • Vivian W. says:

    Best thing to come out of Ted Cruz’s mouth!

  • RWF