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‘Six Million Meals’: DHS Chief Breaks Down How Much Care Illegal Migrants Receive



Acting Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan revealed exactly how much care illegal migrants receive upon arriving at the border, abolishing narratives set by Democratic critics of the department.

“Despite the scale of the challenge we face, and the failure to enact legislation that would have prevented — and could still end this crisis, DHS has made significant strides in its effort to secure the border, and to better protect the health and safety of migrants in our custody,” McALeenan said Thursday during a House Oversight Committee hearing.

Since January 2019, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has delivered more than 6,000,000 meals, performed around 400,000 medical health interviews, and conducted over 80,000 medical assessments for migrants in Customs and Border Protection custody, McALeenan said.

Furthermore, agents have delivered more than 21,000 sick or injured migrants to hospitals this year, and have “conducted medical transportation or stood hospital watch for over a quarter million hours.” There are now more than 200 medical professionals working at various border facilities who screen migrants upon their detention.

“I am confident that no law enforcement agency in the world is providing more critical lifesaving care or medical support than U.S. Customs and Border Protection,” McAleenan continued in his opening remarks.

At another moment during the hearing, McAleenan revealed that, in the first nine months of the current fiscal year, Border Patrol agents have conducted 3,800 rescues — saving migrants in distress at the southern border. Rescue missions on the Rio Grande River, in particular, have increased ten-fold.

The DHS chief’s breakdown of the medical care and treatment provided to illegal immigrants came in sharp contrast to the narrative Democrats on the House Oversight committee attempted to push during the hearing.

Several Democratic members who spoke before the hearing recessed continually asked the acting secretary about the Trump administration’s now-scrapped zero tolerance policy, an initiative that led to many families getting temporarily separated upon apprehension. Virginia Democratic Rep. Gerald Connolly asked McAleenan if he was a father, and if he would personally jump into a river to save his own child — referencing to an incident in June where a migrant father and daughter drowned while trying to cross the Rio Grande River.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary McAleenan testifies before House Oversight Committee hearing on Trump Administration immigration policy on Capitol Hill in Washington

During his opening remarks, the acting secretary blasted the “current public rhetoric” currently emanating out of Congress and the media, telling lawmakers that such words are not helping the immigration crisis and must stop.

“The incendiary and overwrought attacks on the men and women securing our border and enforcing the immigration laws in the interior are unwarranted and damaging. The demonization of law enforcement professionals, U.S. Border Patrol agents, CBP and ICE officers — from all racial and ethnic backgrounds, from all faiths and callings who’ve chosen a career about protecting others — must stop,” McALeenan said.

“These false and overheated attacks are not helping to resolve the crisis. Indeed, they diminish the public’s understanding and cloud its perception of what is happening.”

A version of this story appears on the Daily Caller website.

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  • Cynthia says:

    Problem, what problem, where’s the problem? What border crisis? Yep, it’s a MANUFACTURED CRISIS.


  • We have to stop illegal aliens from invading our country. Whatever it takes!

  • Madeleine says:

    President Trump will sort this out. His intelligence is on a higher plane than theirs. And once he has fixed the immigration loopholes America will rocket forward and the huge debt will decrease

  • Michigan Man says:

    The entire immigration problem is a political ploy by the Democrats to make the Trump administration look bad, while hoping to influence the 2020 election. If they were so concerned about the migrants, they would fix that ‘broken’ immigration problem the so often mention. Their actions and lack of actions are a disgrace to their party. Hopefully, intelligent Americans will see their actions as a definite attempt to influence the elections by creating human misery on the border. BTW, why don’t these people choose to stay in Mexico, where the language is not a barrier in most cases? The reason-Mexico does not offer free everything like the United States. It is time the Democrats started caring for the American poor, physically and mentally challenged, and veterans. After that, they can give the migrants only what is necessary to sustain life. As a retired military person, I have progressed to the point that I hate everything the Democrats stand for. They are following he radicals like ‘sheep to the slaughter house’. Hopefully, that is where they terminate their socialist/communist journey.

  • Diana says:

    And this is got to stop turn them around send them back it is MY Tax Money not theirs and not the governments to be giving it to illegals, refugees, muslums, asylum seekers, and to countries that don’t even like us or respect us this madness has to stop our Taxpayers want their money they work for it not these socialist communist muslum atheist money IT IS OURS

  • RWF