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‘This Isn’t A MAGA Rally!’: Joy Behar Scolds Audience For Cheering Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle



Joy Behar scolded the studio audience Thursday after some of them cheered for “The View” guests Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle.


Whoopi Goldberg began the segment by taking issue with Trump Jr’s complaint that outrage was not equivalent across the aisle. “You were talking about the white powder that your family got, this guy’s family is getting the same thing, and why is it okay for one and not both? People shouldn’t be doing it,” she said.

“I don’t know if that’s happening to him, first and foremost,” Trump Jr. responded.

“We don’t know if it happened to you. We’re taking your —” Goldberg tried to dispute his claims.

“It was recorded,” Trump Jr. protested.

“There was a case,” Guilfoyle cut in.

“I’m sorry. Stop yelling. Stop yelling,” Joy Behar covered her ear.

Sunny Hostin turned to Guilfoyle then, saying, “You’re a lawyer. I’m a former prosecutor. Did you advise your boyfriend that it is a federal crime to out a whistle-blower?”

“I didn’t advise him it’s a federal crime,” Guilfoyle replied. “I said, ‘I left you alone for ten minutes. What happened?’”

“It’s only a federal crime for the IG to do it,” Trump Jr. protested.

“That’s a lie. That’s not true,” Hostin shot back. “It is a crime.”

“It’s not accurate,” Trump Jr. insisted.

“My law degree says it is, but nevertheless —” Hostin argued.

According to the statute, however, both Hostin and Trump Jr. may have been wrong — although Trump Jr. was likely correct in stating that he hadn’t broken any law. The Daily Mail’s David Martosko shared a section of the law that suggested provisions protecting a whistleblower’s identity only applied to “the (permanent) United States Office of Special Counsel.”

As the conversation quickly spiraled into everyone at the table talking at once, Hostin turned to Trump Jr. and asked whether he regretted sharing the whistleblower’s name.

“I don’t think I should have to forego my First Amendment rights,” Trump Jr. responded. “I don’t want to create hysteria. I was reading an article, the name was out there. I didn’t even realize this is some sort of big secret.”

Hostin asked again whether he regretted repeating the name.

“No, I don’t regret doing it. I shouldn’t have to forego my First Amendment rights,” Trump Jr. said again. “It’s out there, I read it in an article, I’ve been reading it for a week, I saw it on the Drudge Report. This is not some secret but because it’s Donald Trump Jr., because he’s an outspoken guy —”

Behar interrupted then, turning on the audience and scolding them as they continued to cheer. “This is not a MAGA rally, okay?” she said. “Calm down!”

A version of this story appears on the Daily Caller website.

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  • Stephen Russell says:

    Will who invited Don Jr then?? Blame them Fools.
    U caused it.
    Or resurvey your audience then??
    Dble check audience.
    Change format, drop The View.
    Retire Joy, do Comedy Central.
    Or The View on SNL.

  • Evangeline says:

    That’s fantastic! lol

  • upc says:

    Really showed what fools and liars the girls on the view are, all of them, to bad none are conservatives with some sense.

  • Nell says:

    Don had to know those bitches were going to attack him. I don’t know if Kimberly talked him into going on there or not, but he shouldn’t have appeared in that snake pit. And what he did wasn’t even wrong by naming the whistleblower because it was already out for the public to see. With liberals, they twist every single thing around to suit their whims at the moment. By putting the name out there, Don gave them an excuse to attack him, although it was fake outrage. The only times I ever see this stupid show is when it’s in clip like this, because I sure wouldn’t waste any more time on watching that garbage.

  • Bill says:

    Sunny Hostin is as much a pig as Joy. They both distort the truth to fit their left narrative. Whoopie, too, as she lied (like Joy) about Joy doing blackface. Caught!!!

  • Independence1 says:

    Joy not liking that the audience clapped for Trump Jr, was proof that she’s a fascist. What a miserable cow

  • RWF