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Top Democrat Congressman Calls For Democrats To ‘Give Trump The Money’ For Border Wall



Minnesota Democrat Rep. Collin Peterson said in an interview this week that the Democrats should give President Donald Trump the money that he wants to build the border wall on the southern border.

Peterson, the Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, told KFGO’s “News & Views” on Tuesday that “when I bring up what I have to say [to Democrats], they look at me cross-eyed.”

“Give Trump the money,” Peterson said, adding that he would “give him the whole thing … and put strings on it so you make sure he puts the wall where it needs to be.”

“Why are we fighting over this?” Peterson continued. “We’re going to build that wall anyway, at some time.”

In an interview with the Minn Post on Wednesday, Peterson tried to clarify his remarks after enraging Democrats in Washington, D.C., highlighting that he specifically stated that there needed to be strings attached to the money to make sure that it is spent responsibly.

“Anybody that sticks their head up gets it shot off,” Peterson said. “The furor caused yesterday — people didn’t look at what I said, and this is the problem. The press has allowed it to become polarized.”

“I’m not against the wall if it’s done appropriately and done in relation to everything else we need to do,” Peterson continued. “There are places where the wall has not been built, where it could be built, and probably should be built. But we have to have a process to make sure it gets done correctly.”

“Furloughed federal workers are bracing to miss their second paycheck and employee unions are warning of increasingly dire consequences since the partial government shutdown began last month, as officials signal the stalemate in Washington has no end in sight,” Fox News reported on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi exchanged shots back-and-forth over the State of the Union address, with Trump ultimately deciding to drop the issue as he showed a willingness to work with the Democrats.

“Nancy just said she ‘just doesn’t understand why?'” Trump tweeted on Thursday morning. “Very simply, without a Wall it all doesn’t work. Our Country has a chance to greatly reduce Crime, Human Trafficking, Gangs and Drugs. Should have been done for decades. We will not Cave!”

Earlier this month, the Republican National Committee (RNC) launched a new website highlighting statistics about the border, including:

Fact #1: In four Customs and Border Protection sectors where physical barriers have been expanded — El Paso, Yuma, Tucson, and San Diego — illegal traffic has dropped by at least 90%.

Fact #2: In fiscal year 2018, U.S. Border Patrol seized or helped seize 282,000 pounds of cocaine, 248,000 pounds of methamphetamine, 6,500 pounds of heroin, and 2,400 pounds of fentanyl.

Fact #3: In 2018, over 17,000 adults arrested at the border had prior criminal records. This included over 6,000 gang members, a major number of those members were from MS-13.

Fact #4: The Democrats would rather risk the safety of hard-working Americans than work with President Trump to secure our nation’s borders. But in 2013, all 54 Senate Democrats, including Chuck Schumer, voted to pass legislation that provided $46 billion to build a physical barrier on the border.

Fact #5: Nancy Pelosi and her hyper-liberal Congressional colleagues just passed a bill to give $54 BILLION to foreign governments, but Democrats won’t allow just $5 billion to secure our borders and protect American citizens.

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  • Lunchladie says:

    Well there is a voice of reason within the Democrat party. Maybe they can reach a reasonable compromise that would satisfy everyone.

  • Diana says:

    pelosi, schumer, cortez, and that muslum scum need Impeached Immediately with No Severance of any kind they are the main cause of this mess it started with the corrupt Traitor obama and they did not any of them did not have the guts to stop the disgusting disgraceful behavior of obama and his administration all need brought up on charges of Treason High Treason all that go against Our Constitution are Traitors and need Removed from any and all government jobs I know there is away to remove such vile garbage that only want America destroyed for over 200 years this Country had troubles but nothing like the disgraceful behavior we have know has to be stopped with force if need be, we never use to accept lying as ok use to have Honor truth helping our neighbors even commercial could not say things that were not true anymore everything is a lie Trump has been the honest one all these others lie lie lie at least he is trying to get us in better shape

  • Don Sharp Jr says:

    You want to see movement on the wall, the shutdown? Have President Trump declare that until the wall is funded and the shutdown is over, ALL of Congress gets $0 per week. Watch how quick they jump then!!!

  • Grammysam says:

    All Congressmen who oppose building a barrier to help insure our safety, need to be furloughed (with no pay after it’s over)and once they have established themselves as “non-essential government employees”, there may be no need for them to continue in their present positions. They are not wanting to protect us, so why don’t we just not pay any taxes until Congress quits this political crap! This isn’t about politics! It’s to keep the illegals outside of America so that we dont have to shoot them in self defense once they get in! AND WE WILL!

  • Bill says:

    So, if all Dumbocrat Senators voted to build a wall in 2013, why wasn’t it built?

  • RWF