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Trudeau Facing Macron Nightmare as Yellow Vests Come to Canada, Protest Taxes, Illegals



The streets of France have been rocked by the “yellow vest” protests over the past five weeks, named for the reflective safety vests worn by many protesters. The anti-government demonstrations began over an increased gasoline tax and spread to include other issues.

In recent weeks, the protests extended beyond Paris and other French cities to include Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, among others, where outraged citizens are fed up with high taxes, strict regulations and an increasingly oppressive centralized and globalist European government.

Now the yellow vest protests have crossed the pond, so to speak, to arrive in Canada.

In cities across the country this weekend, residents donned the recognizable safety gear and took to the streets, mostly to protest the immigration and taxation policies supported by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Canada’s CTV News reported that protests arose Saturday from Halifax, Nova Scotia, in the east to Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, out west, with plenty of other cities seeing protesters in between.

In Halifax,  a group of protesters arrayed themselves outside City Hall in protest of a new carbon tax, among a long list of other concerning issues.

Protester James Hoskins told CTV, “I have never met even one Canadian that understands how a carbon tax is going to reduce carbon emissions,” while Barry Ahern described a special government grant program as “oppression of Canadians by our own people.”

In Calgary, protesters took to the streets in general opposition to Trudeau and his Liberal Party, and more specifically over a delayed pipeline project.

In Edmonton, protesters’ main concerns were the high taxes imposed by the government and worries over the future of the energy industry upon which the region relies.

A yellow-vested protester identified only as Turk told CTV, “I’m tired of Trudeau basically doing what he wants with our money and sending it overseas. … Right now, personally, I’m facing a job crisis. All our oil jobs are gone, all our money is going south.”

Protesters in North Bay, Ontario, also took issue with the carbon tax, while protesters in Toronto expressed their frustrations with the current status quo in government.

Aside from the high taxes and environmental issues, many protesters also expressed their opposition to Canada being a signatory to the new United Nations Global Compact for Migration, a sweeping agreement granting universal rights to migrants that has been signed by 164 countries but not the United States.

Opponents of that agreement have argued that it essentially undermines national sovereignty and creates de facto open borders.

It remains to be seen if these “yellow vest” protests will continue and spread throughout Canada and other nations, or if the protests will bring about any substantial changes in governmental policy.

Regardless, it has become clear that an increasing number of people around the world have become fed up with globalist governments, high taxes, open immigration policies and restrictive regulations on energy and economies.

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  • RK says:

    as a Canadian i will say it is about fecking time we take Canada back and return it to the glorious true north strong and free… MCGA

    trudork is done in 2019 when we hold our next federal election

    i pray our politicians are watching the strong Trump movement that is restoring the USA
    to its former glory..MAGA KAGA

  • CrustyOldGeezer says:

    What if a “Million Yellow Vest” event were to be planned and 8 million people in Yellow Vests, Sidearms, and long guns carried at the ready were to show up?

    Would the DC police try to push the UNCONSTITUTIONAL GUN LAWS?

    WHAT IF, at the same time, on the same day, millions more clogged the streets in front of city halls, county and State offices?


    would the politicians GET THE MESSAGE?

  • Wahotsdad says:

    It becomes clear that politicians world wide are convinced that they are above their constituents and “know what’s best” for the masses. Until they fear their existence nothing will change, they have lost the fear of the public, as the media covers for and supports globalism and globalists! Until the politicians fear their constituents and the media reports the truth, nothing will change. When the media bleeds money to the point that they are shutting down maybe then they will stop covering for the progressive globalist, but, it’s more likely that they will go away and new real news companies will take their place and hold these politicians to an honest standard and pull back the curtain on these creepy backstabbers!

  • RWF