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Trump Admin Says No To Flying Pride Flags On U.S. Embassy Flagpoles

It seems that the Trump administration is not treating LGBTQ pride as an extension of the United States and has barred several overseas embassies from waving the rainbow flag in concert with the American flag during Pride Month, reports NBC News.

Three American diplomats reportedly told the outlet that the Trump administration has expressly denied their request to wave the rainbow flag during the month of June.

“The U.S. embassies in Israel, Germany, Brazil and Latvia are among those that have requested permission from Trump’s State Department to fly the pride flag on their flagpoles and have been denied, diplomats said,” reports NBC News. “Although the pride flag can and is being flown elsewhere on embassy grounds, including inside embassies and on exterior walls, the decision not to allow it on the official flagpole stands in contrast to President Donald Trump’s claim to be a leader in supporting LGBTQ rights overseas.”

As to why the Trump administration has denied the request remains to be seen, though speculation is it sees LGBT rights and pride as two separate issues. For instance, the administration’s recent call to decriminalize homosexuality in countries such as Iran stems from an ideological impulse to see individuals treated with dignity and respect, which makes it a U.S. diplomatic endeavor, not an LGBT endeavor. It would be as if the embassies were to suddenly put crucifixes on the front lawns to stand in solidarity with persecuted Christians.

That being said, the Trump administration has only barred the pride flag for being placed on the flagpole alongside the U.S. flag, not on embassy grounds. Openly gay ambassador Richard Grenell of Germany told NBC News in a statement that the rainbow flag will be present in the Berlin Embassy.

“The President’s recognition of Pride Month and his tweet encouraging our decriminalization campaign gives me even more pride to once again march in the Berlin Pride parade, hang a huge banner on the side of the Embassy recognizing our pride, host multiple events at the Embassy and the residence, and fly the gay pride flag,” Grenell said.

The U.S. Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, will also be displaying the rainbow flag on the side of the building, not in concert with the American flag on the flagpole.

President Trump also formally recognized Pride Month this year by reiterating his administration’s position on decriminalizing homosexuality in other countries.

“As we celebrate LGBT Pride Month and recognize the outstanding contributions LGBT people have made to our great Nation, let us also stand in solidarity with the many LGBT people who live in dozens of countries worldwide that punish, imprison, or even execute individuals,” the president tweeted earlier this week.

In 2018, the GOP even introduced a bill in the U.S. House seeking to bar the rainbow flag from being displayed in concert with the American flag on U.S. Embassies. Contrary to initial reports, the bill did not single out LGBT flags and simply banned any flag that was not Old Glory.

“The United States flag is the single greatest symbol of freedom the world has ever known, and there’s no reason for anything but Old Glory to be flying over our embassies and posts around the globe,” Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) said at the time.

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  • SusanP says:

    There is a huge difference in supporting dignity and equal treatment for LGBT and giving “special” treatment to a minority. No flag that represents only a minority of citizens should be elevated to equality with the flag of the United States of America. Thank you, President Trump for recognizing the difference.


    *Bottom Line: Thank you God for all the DELIVERANCES of those Enslaved to the Dark-Side! It is just pure evil perversion right out of Sodom & Gomorrah on Steroids! There are many EX-LGBTQPedo enslaved people now SET FREE by the Supernatural Power of God’s LOVE Delivering them!
    CALIF. is Criminalizing such Deliverance Ministries & Christianity in general!

  • Diana says:

    Thank GOD some still have a brain and not afraid to use it with you all the way it is wrong life style so keep it to yourself have a good life but I can’t and won’t condone the life style so quit trying to force it on others and especially our Children, when they are grown that’s up to them NOT you perverted

  • kat says:

    Good for him. Enough of this gay pride crap. It’s nothing to be proud of. Please go back into the closet.

  • Sherry says:

    This really is a minute percentage of all people that just make a lot of noise and demand to be seen and heard so that they can pull others into their sick agenda. It’s outrageous and disgusting how it is rammed down the throats of all of us, including our little children, on t.v., movies, music, commercials, schools, etc.. Enough is enough!

  • FEDUP365 says:

    Equal rights for equal people and I would never consider myself as an equal to a homosexual, they will face God in the end and serve their days in hell. They should not get any recognition from our Government as a “special” group of people, AIN’T nothing “special” about them.

  • RWF