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Trump Compares Melania To Jackie O, Gives Her New Nickname, Melts Internet



During an interview with “Fox & Friends” Friday morning, President Trump compared his wife Melania to the 20th century’s most iconic first lady, Jackie Kennedy — and sparked more controversy, hilarity and outrage online in the process.

His comparison to the former first lady came during a discussion of his decision to give Air Force One a new paint job, which he unveiled Thursday. The current light blue and gold stripe design was first created when Jacqueline Kennedy was first lady. Trump’s new design will replace the light blue and gold with navy blue and red.

“You know the baby blue doesn’t fit with us,” he explained. “People get used to something — and it was Jackie O, and that’s good — but we have our own Jackie O today. It’s called Melania. Melania. We’ll call it Melania T.”

“By the way, people love her, people love her,” he added. “She gets no credit from the media, but she gets credit from the people.”

Here’s the moment:

And here’s Trump unveiling the new design for Air Force One on ABC News Thursday:

As Investor’s Business Daily notes, while the design is in, the “final decision on the plane’s color won’t be approved until 2021, and if Trump loses his re-election bid the change could be scrapped.”

Trump’s Jackie O comments have inspired several headlines and a lot of responses online, many of which include risque photos of Melania from her modeling days and cheap shots at the first lady. While some agreed that both women are stylish and beautiful, others were incensed at the comparison. Some noted that Jackie Kennedy only became “Jackie O” after Kennedy was assassinated and she got remarried to Aristotle Onassis, a Greek shipping magnate. Others portrayed Melania in derisive terms. Here are some of the more PG-13 reactions:

“Both these ladies are very stylish, there have been comparisons since day one these are probably the two most fashionable first ladies the country has ever had!” wrote one Melania fan. “Very stylish,” said one twitterer, who included some sensual shots of Melania. “He … refers to his wife as ‘it?'” one critic asked, a question several others posted. “As a matter of fact, I see the comparison,” one guy wrote, including some more hot pics of the first lady. “Too bad he can’t be more like Jackie’s first husband,” one critic quipped. “Does he not realize that she became ‘Jackie O’ after her first husband was assassinated and she married a Greek billionaire?” wrote another. (That post prompted one fellow critic to suggest she wanted Trump assassinated, writing, “Let’s hope one of those things happen for Melania as well.”)

A Fox News poll published in February found Melania’s approval rating at 47% favorable and 37% unfavorable, which gives her a +10% approval and is, if nothing else, better than the approval ratings for any of the other key political figures included on the survey:

Of the people tested, first lady Melania Trump receives the highest favorable rating in the poll (47 percent favorable vs. 37 percent unfavorable), followed by President Trump (43-54 percent), Vice President Mike Pence (42-44 percent), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. (36-51 percent) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. (25-45 percent).

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  • Arlene says:

    The negativity just never stops! You people are sick!

    • Paula Wiser says:

      Exactly and then thy dispise 19 candidates all over trying to throw shade agaisnt trump this is all a game to Democrats get in groups divide and attack .just like those trolls .and those stupid polls are lying..

  • Dragonfly43 says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the ugliness of the left!

  • Ruby says:

    The left wouldn’t know class if it bit them in the butt. You just have to consider the source when you see crude remarks like this. Seems they can’t seem to rise above the gutter they live in.

  • The negativity and ugliness comes from jealousy, Our First Lady has nothing but class ! !

  • Arlene says:

    Don’t insult Melania by comparing her to the slut Jackie !!!!!!!

  • Alice says:

    Melanie is the most beautiful first lady EVER! Jealous fake news people just can’t handle a beautiful republican first lady.

  • wvweights says:

    Sorry but jackie became #2 when Mrs Trump showed up. What did jackie bring to the white house? What did she do before she married a women chaser? The press built jackie up and if they had treated her like they do Melania ….well enough said. Proud to have a real (not fake) first lady.

  • CJ says:

    Jackie was a beautiful and classy FLOTUS, but Melania is a hard worker. She cares about children, helping those in opioid crises, supports the military, and I can go on and on. She not only is beautiful, inside and out, but also intelligent, devout, a great mom, and loves America. We are blessed to have her as our First Lady. When did anyone ever see Jackie visit crises areas, the military, or hospitals? We did see her at performances and societal parties. Jackie did redo the WH to it’s former glory, but she really wanted to be at Glen Ora, as far from the WH as possible.

  • Marlene says:

    Sour grapes.

  • RWF