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Trump Fires Back, Launches Devastating Counter over Tax Records Subpoenas



It’s the latest round in a long-running battle, but the Trump team is proving it’s got plenty of fight.

President Donald Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow announced Thursday that the president has filed a lawsuit against Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance over a subpoena Vance’s office had issued seeking Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns for the past eight years, according to The Independent.

In a statement, according to CNBC, Sekulow said the subpoena raised “significant constitutional issues.”

“In response to the subpoenas issued by the New York County District Attorney, we have filed a lawsuit this morning in Federal Court on behalf of the President in order to address the significant constitutional issues at stake in this case,” he said.

The lawsuit also names Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars USA, National Review reported.

The development is just the newest twist in a saga that stems from even before Trump shocked the political world with his upset of Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

From his days on the campaign trail, Trump has outraged Democrats and the liberal media by refusing to release his tax returns, as past presidents have done.

In refusing, he has maintained that his taxes are being audited by the IRS and he would consider releasing them after that is complete.

That was never satisfactory, though, and Democrats have moved at various levels to get their hands on documents they no doubt hope will contain information that could embarrass Trump or even implicate him in wrongdoing.

The latest subpoenas were issued in August but not made public until The New York Times reported them Monday.

That report stated the records were part of Vance’s office investigation into a payment Trump made to porn star Stormy Daniels, who claims to have had a sexual encounter with Trump back in 2006.

Daniels became known to the public in 2018, when The Wall Street Journal published a report revealing that in 2016, shortly before the November presidential election, then-Trump attorney Michael Cohen paid her $130,000 in return for a nondisclosure agreement.

Trump has denied any sexual encounter with Daniels.

Besides the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Trump has been under attack by Democrats in Congress, where the House Ways and Means Committee in May issued subpoenas to the Treasure Department and the IRS seeking six years of Trump tax returns, The New York Times reported in the spring.

Meanwhile, the House Oversight Committee has also issued subpoenas to Trump businesses and Mazars USA demanding years worth of tax records, according to a CBS News report from April. Trump has sued over those subpoenas as well.

For Trump supporters, the legal moves are of a piece with the political opposition and warfare in the courts that the president has faced from even before he took the oath of office.

“It’s just harassment of the president, his family and his business, using subpoenas as weapons,” Trump lawyer Marc Mukasey told The New York Times in August.

And as the Trump team has proven ever since the GOP primaries, it’s not shy about fighting back.

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  • stephen russell says:

    Hey Dems show US yours first, all candidates & those asking for said documents OK, make=

    • Red Devil 5th inf. says:

      There are well over 200 millionaires in Congress, how did so many get so rich so quickly, indeed, let’s
      see all of them, no double standards!!!

  • Arlene says:

    I don’t care about Trump’s tax returns! I care about what he does for our country.

  • IMJustice says:

    I still think Trump is playing with all of them. I think his tax returns are probably spotless. And he’s just fighting against them for the principle of it all.

    • Duane says:

      I think he is to but what pisses me off the most is that over the last 2 plus years they have done sweet FA in Congress except go after Trump. Nothing for the Country and Trump just keeps moving on getting things done. If Congress would at least sit down with him and discuss the real issues I am sure they could come to some kind of agreement but no all they do is put road blocks in front of him and we the people are fed up with their BS!

      • Evangeline says:

        It’s obvious they Dem party is bought out and it’s owners told them all their #1 priority is to get rid of Trump so that’s what they do. Pelosi is their mouth piece and Nadler is their pit bull though he is more like a lazy old blood hound.

    • Godfrey van Wyk says:

      I agree 100%…Trump is the first President not to have a dog…that’s because he’s made the demonrats his bitch…LOL!!!

    • Jim says:

      Watch Trumps other hand. While the dems are trying to get Trump he is getting his agenda done.

  • Steve says:

    Every dem should produce THEIR REAL TAX PAID INFO , Oh that’s right , THEY CAN’T , Being ORGANIZED CRIME !

  • MAGA 2020 says:

    Trump continues to make them look like political vindictive fools….I live it! TRUMP 2020!

  • mitchina says:

    Why 10 years for interested they have in something that happened in 2016. If there is no crime – then they need to scour the records going back 10 years hoping to find one? They are political terrorist; the entire left from the antifa groups to the anti-Semites and obstructionists in congress. I hope to hell they get bitch slapped – before they get it in Nov 2020.

  • Dolores Herrmann says:

    Tell them they don’t need supoenas and give them the same type (false) as Obama’s birth certificate which most accepted even with all the wrong data.

  • Pattie says:

    I just don’t get what it has to do with his presidency..why wasn’t all this done to BO and his birth certificate and other documents?

    • Evangeline says:

      Sheriff Joe did a great and thorough investigation into Berry’s birth certificate and proved beyond a shadow of doubt that it was a complete forgery. They even found the one that it was forged from. Case closed! Indict him! But no, a bought out leftist corrupt judge ruled it was real. No justice in this country any more. My grand parents would flip in their graves if they could see all this and how the freedom they fought for in WWll has been sabotaged from within.

    • Dragonfly43 says:

      How about how he went to school on a student loan as a foreign student under the name Barry Sotero?

  • Doris_Speaks says:

    Yes…congress should show us their returns. There is nothing in the constitution and no law that requires a President or a Presidential candidate to show the tax returns. Just because other b imbo Presidents have done it, doesn’t make it a law. Not showing them doesn’t prove anything “suspicious” is going on. We need to get rid of every single one of those Democrats!

  • trollwatch1 says:

    Maybe they can get Al Sharptons tax records and The Clinton foundation and the Clintons themselves to discover how they enriched them selves after being broke leaving the Whitehouse?

  • VietnamVeteran says:

    The first thought that came to mind when I read this is, “It’s none of your d*** business you rotten democrat fascist tyrants ! ! !” Drop dead you corrupt bastards ! ! !

  • Colorado Lou says:

    We don’t need to see the President’s tax returns. He came into office a billionaire and didn’t need the job to enrich himself. We need to see the tax returns of all those DemocRats that became millionaires while in office. #MAGA #KAG #Trump2020

  • Dragonfly43 says:

    Tax returns are private and are only there for the corrupt IRS. No one should be forced to show their returns to anyone!

  • RWF