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Trump Jr Tweets Name Of Alleged Whistleblower, Leftists Explode. Here’s The Problem With Their Outrage.



Leftists falsely suggested on Wednesday that Donald Trump Jr. outed the alleged Ukraine whistleblower after the president’s eldest son tweeted out a link to a news article and included the headline in his tweet which stated the name of the alleged whistleblower.

Trump tweeted out a link to a Breitbart News article, writing, “Because of course he did!!!”

Trump also included in his tweet the headline of the article, which stated: “Alleged ‘Whistleblower’ Eric Ciaramella Worked Closely with Anti-Trump Dossier Hoaxer”

The assertion that Trump outed the whistleblower is false, as the Washington Examiner, Breitbart, and the Federalist all reported on the identity of the alleged whistleblower last week which was based off a report from RealClearInvestigations.

Samantha Power, Obama’s Ambassador to the U.N., tweeted: “.@DonaldJTrumpJr endangered life of law-abiding US public servant.He did so both to divert attention from his dad’s extortion of a foreign govt to enrich himself AND to intimidate civil servants into keeping quiet abt Trump corruption. But it won’t work: they’ve lost their fear.”

Walter Shaub, Obama’s director of the United States Office of Government Ethics, wrote on Twitter. “To the thugs tweeting out the name of a purported whistleblower: This may or may not be the whistleblower, but you are endangering the safety of every member of this person’s family. This sort of intimidation tactic is for broken authoritarian countries and the mob. Shame on you!”

Leftist Nancy Lee Grahn wrote on Twitter: “Shouldn’t @jack ban users who break the law and threaten someone’s life? Why then does #DonaldTrumpJr still have an account? I reported him. If everyone here did the same it might get @jack attention. He illegally outed and knowingly endangered the safety of alleged whistleblower.”

Trump responded to the false claims by tweeting, “The entire media is #Triggered that I (a private citizen) tweeted out a story naming the alleged whistleblower. Are they going to pretend that his name hasn’t been in the public domain for weeks now? Numerous people & news outlets including Real Clear Politics already ID’d him.”

Trump added, “PS: Maybe Real Clear Politics & others wouldn’t have been able to ID the alleged whistleblower if the NY Times didn’t out that he was a CIA official detailed to the WH? The media is full of s*** with their faux outrage over me tweeting something already in the public domain!”

Still, all of these claims ignore the fact that the name of the alleged whistleblower was released a week ago and that many notable figures, both in politics and in media, shared the RealClearInvestigations report.

The most notable person to share the report was Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul, who repeatedly tweeted out the link.

Paul wrote on October 31, “It is being reported that the whistleblower was Joe Biden’s point man on Ukraine. It is imperative the whistleblower is subpoenaed and asked under oath about Hunter Biden and corruption.”

Paul again tweeted it yesterday, writing, “This particular whistleblower is a material witness to the Biden conflict of interest scandal involving $50,000 paid monthly to Hunter Biden. The whistleblower should absolutely be subpoenaed and asked what he knew about the Biden corruption.”

Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz also tweeted the article, writing on October 30, “Explosive reporting on the bizarrely political efforts to frame @realDonaldTrump.”

North Carolina Republican Representative Mark Meadows referenced the article without sharing it or using the alleged whistleblower’s name, writing on Twitter on October 31, “If the reports about the whistleblower’s identity are true, it raises grave, fundamental concerns about the basis of this Ukraine investigation—and explains why Washington Democrats continue making every effort to hide information from Americans.”

Indiana Republican Representative Jim Banks did the same thing that Meadows did, writing on Twitter on October 31, “If reports about his identity are correct, Whistleblower: 🔸Is registered Dem & Obama holdover 🔸Worked w/ Biden on Ukraine policy in WH 🔸Was fired from the WH for leaking fake email pushing Putin-Fired-Comey conspiracy 🔸Has 2 close friends on Schiff’s intel committee”

The article was also shared by conservative icons Ann Coulter and Mark Levin.

A version of this story appears on the Daily Wire website.

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  • Radone says:

    I thought the only protection fir a whistleblower was security from being fired. Identity is not a part of it. This is the Dems way of hiding the person they colluded with to try to take down our president. This is a coup not a whistleblower. The Dems are so stupid everything they have tried against Trump has been a sham and came back to bite them in the ass. You would think they would learn. Trump is always one step ahead of them. And he will not back down, and neither will his supporters. MAGA 2020.,

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    …and yet, after 2-3/4 years, no one is arrested for Seditious Conspiracy.

    • robert says:

      We would have to build a new jail say in Arizona in the middle of the summer and will make the seditious morons build it.

  • norman says:

    Smoke and mirrors is the current mode of Democrat actions, as it has been for 80 years.

  • American Patriot says:

    This has been the most corrupt idiotic attempt to take down a sitting President I’ve ever seen in my life time. Outrageous! The American people should demand Congress get their a**es back to work now! Enough of this circus show!!

  • T KNOW says:

    Sounds to me Eric Ciaramella must be more than the Alleged ‘Whistleblower’ or they would be so triggered!

  • Steven says:

    How many brain cells are required to know that quoting a headline CAN’T out anyone that wasn’t already outed by the headline?

  • M. Warf says:

    Under the CONSTITUTION and the BILL OF RIGHTS an accused has the right to face the accuser.

    Except for RED FLAG LAWS which you accused of what the government thinks you might do. Even then the accuser is not required to face the accused. Not even entitled to a PUBLIC DEFENDER. Because you’ve committed no CRIME.

    Sound familiar.

    Of coarse this is nothing but a POLITICAL COUP of a sitting PRESIDENT.

  • SusieQue says:

    Well now isn’t that odd… I put his name out several times on my Facebook page and….nothing…..Not even a 30 day jail sentence from the Commie Bastards at Facebook…nuttin…nada….ZERO!!!! Oh yeah…I’m a nobody to the Fake News therefore….00000000!!! TRUMP2020!!!

  • tim says:

    what i don’t get is how does a guy get fired from a government job for leaking get a job in the CIA yet another government job?

  • Jamie says:

    Blowing a whistle or running for President does not give you immunity from international extortion. Eric Ciaramella and Joe Biden must be investigated and prosecuted.

  • RWF