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UH-OH: Sen. Susan Collins Now Says She’s ‘Unnerved’ By Kavanaugh Allegations, May Want More Testimony



CNN reports that Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), a key swing vote in the Senate on Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, told fellow Republicans in a meeting Wednesday that she’s “unnerved” by allegations being raised against Kavanaugh, and that she might want to hear from Kavanaugh’s friend, Mark Judge.

Both Collins and Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are key Republican votes needed to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Both are expected to weigh Thursday’s hearings, assessing claims that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted a woman 35 years ago, when they were both in their teens, before making a decision whether to vote “yes” on Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Collins reportedly told her colleagues that a sworn statement, released by a third accuser yesterday, affected her in a “way that others up to that point had not.”

“Collins said given the weight of the allegations, it made sense to subpoena Kavanaugh’s friend Mark Judge — an alleged witness to the incidents — and bring him in for testimony,” a source told CNN.

Both the first and third accusations involve Judge. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford claims Judge joined Kavanaugh in his drunken assault on her at a Maryland home in or around 1982. Julie Swetnick, who made her claims in an affadavit released yesterday, says Judge was the ringleader of a “gang rape” operation.

Swetnick, through her attorney Michael Avenatti, has said she will not consider testifying in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

It’s not clear whether Collins was following developments to Swetnick’s story, or Avenatti’s media appearances, both of which undercut Swetnick’s claims.

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  • Joan Lesko says:

    Susan Collins get real and quit the drama….you know he’s very qualified and just do the right thing and vote for Brett Kavanaugh. You love the drama you create…just vote for this candidate

  • Donald R. Hohman says:

    Piss on this RINO Bandit that sells her crotch to to the highest bidder. And is lower than whale sperm.

  • Robert Sands says:

    SUsan Collins you just plain suck, go suck a dinosaur egg

  • Jan Hamman says:

    I know why the liberals are doing this, but they let Bill Clinton be president when we know what he did.

  • Maurice says:

    ” Swetnick, through her attorney Michael Avenatti, has said she will not consider testifying in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.” not hard to guess why????

  • RK says:

    collins seems to forget it was the people that put her in that seat and sure as hell can take her out of it..she has all the information she needs..nay FBI investigation will only produce statements the committee already has in their possession
    today’s hearing made it very clear to me that democrats are playing politics and nothing more
    they had the letter since july and waited until 2 days before Kavanaugh was to be confirmed to leak it to the was feinstein or someone on her staff that she told to leak it…ford stated there were only 3 people that were aware of her letter and that did not include the press

    vote yes to confirm Kavanaugh or resign your seat

  • Nancy West says:

    Way I see it is if she doesn’t vote yes she took a bribe. Not only has the democrats been threatening her so I guess they paid either money or no competition when her time comes to run again

  • Bill Frazier says:

    Really? You want to hear more from the phony “victim” (Swetnick) and her porn king lawyer with their phony accusations?? This after hearing the impassioned denial by JUSTICE KAVANAUGH?? (and YES I said JUSTICE KAVANAUGH~!) Susie Q, take your head out of your very dark place and side with GOOD over the evil of the democrats~!!! This MAN will be the greatest Justice to ever sit on America’s High Court. Now if we can just push old RBG over a cliff or get the dims to take her off life support…

  • Jim C says:

    If she votes NO, she will be drummed out of office or not re-elected. Trump should publically name those that vote NO and let the American People know.

  • RWF