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University Bans CLAPPING To Avoid Triggering Anxieties



The University of Manchester has voted to replace audible clapping with “jazz hands,” or, as the BBC described it, the “British Sign Language (BSL) equivalent – a wave of both hands”

Student union officer Sara Khan said clapping needed to be banned over fears the noise could cause issues for autistic students and those with hearing and anxiety issues. The new “jazz hands” will be enforced at school-sponsored debates, panels, and talks and student groups will be encouraged to put aside clapping at more private and independent events.

Khan told reporters the “jazz hands” will encourage an “environment of respect.”

“I think a lot of the time, even in Parliamentary debates, I’ve seen that clapping, whooping, talking over each other, loud noises, encourages an atmosphere that is not as respectful as it could be,” she said, adding it will make events more inclusive.

The National Union of Students, which banned clapping in 2015, said, “We should all aspire to improve our public spaces so that all members of society feel comfortable and able to contribute fully.”

Not everyone in Britain has met the change with much respect, however; commentator Piers Morgan bluntly stated that Britain is “losing its mind.”

Morgan said it was a sign of Britain “losing its mind,” while Vine posted a picture of soldiers in the trenches during WWI, suggesting they had managed to “ignore the difficulties caused by sudden noises 100 years ago”.

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  • Joseph says:

    If students have emotional problems over clapping then either those children shouldn’t be in that kind of school or liberals have screwed kids up far beyond comprehension. It’s just like Participation trophies instead of winners and losers. All these kids will be traumatized when they go out into the world and someone tells them no or that they did something wrong they will fall apart and not know how to even react.

  • quasimodo says:

    i dont know what to think of this nations educational system any longer. things have truely changed from when i went to school and short of stripping every school and college across this nation of their teaching credentials and making legislation that keeps political beliefs out of the school systems I am not sure that it can be saved!

  • Dyanne Chestnut says:

    This is utterly STUPID! Parents, save your money, do not waste in on sending your kids to college because colleges no longer “teach”, they indoctrinate.

  • RWF