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US Deploys Missiles That Can Wipe Out Enemy Military… And They Wouldn’t Even Hear a Boom



Modern warfare calls for modern solutions. Gone are the days of the Cold War, when whoever could make the biggest bomb was considered the biggest kid on the block. Now, it’s all about fighting smarter.

Enter the Counter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project — or CHAMP for short.

According to the Daily Mail, the missiles were tested back in 2012 before being adopted by the United States Air Force. Reportedly, 20 of these missiles have now been deployed.

The weapons are loaded on B-52 bombers, and function like a cruise missile — but without the explosion. Instead, the CHAMP missile flies over a target and fires its electromagnetic pulse cannon, sending a wave to the ground.

For electronics in the effective radius, it’s a death sentence. Surveillance systems, computers, cameras, and other electronics wouldn’t just be offline after this EMP blast — they would be completely destroyed.

Surge protectors are too slow to stop it, and it’s doubtful that any primitive shielding technique in Iran or North Korea would keep their equipment safe.

The energy in this wave is completely harmless to humans.

With a few well-placed missiles, entire anti-air batteries can be taken offline. Artillery, which relies heavily on a communications network, would be forced to fire blind.

With either of these systems down, a lightning amphibious invasion would be disastrous for the enemy.

Of course, this weapon would likely prevent the need for a full-scale invasion.

A blast to a dense part of Pyongyang or Tehran would create unmitigated chaos and economic loss. A few more of these to vital locations for the countries’ economies or infrastructure could easily shut them down for months.

Power plants, government buildings, and other strategic structures would be easy prey for the CHAMP system.

The missile can even fry targets entrenched in mountain bunkers, provided they’re linked to the power grid with external cables.

If the enemy hopes to shoot one of these missiles down, they’re in for a rude awakening.

The CHAMP missile is capable of frying radar installations while on its way to a primary target, making locating this weapon a feat in and of itself.

This is a humane yet devastating weapon that is capable of shutting down the enemy without spilling a drop of blood.

It may not be a flashy and scary missile, but CHAMP allows America to project her power and maintain a peaceful world.

Phantom Works, the defense prototyping wing of Boeing, is behind the advanced weapons system. The group is also behind several other missiles and advanced aircraft, including planned next-generation fighter jets.

With developments like these, we’re blessed to live in a free market society that fosters this pace of technological progress. If brutality bred innovation, North Korea would be the one with a leg up on us.

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  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Will the upgraded B-52’s be airborne now 24/7 across the world wide defensive zones? They will have to be, to be effective.

    Hundreds of Russian, Communist Chinese Mach 5+ Hyper-Sonic missiles in Iran and China and submarines can take them out sitting on the ground at air bases in the middle east, Diego Garcia, Korea, Guam and Japan.

    A mass launch of hundreds of Mach 5+ Hyper-Sonic “anti-ship” missiles by Iran can make it a very bad day for the 5th fleet in the Persian Gulf.

    • Mark says:

      That would never happen. Do you think they have a better arsenal than the United States??? If you believe this, then you have a big problem and it’s called stupidity.

      • CharlieSeattle says:

        Sooo naive!

        Modern carriers named after Presidents are merely targets for the newest hypersonic anti-ship missiles and nuclear torpedoes.

        The narrowness of the Persian Gulf and the speed of a MASS LAUNCH OF HUNDREDS of Mach 3, 5 and soon to be deployed Russian Mach 8 Hyper-sonic anti-ship missiles arrayed along the coast in hardened bunkers and in fast missile boats totally destroy your naive premise.

        The US Navy will be trapped in a killing zone and can only win …if they attack first.

        The US Navy has NO DEFENSE against a MASS LAUNCH unless …they attack first.

        I doubt that will happen.

        • john says:

          those missile rely on something the champs would wipe out they are useless without the computer driven guidance systems Mach 8 is a 1000 times slower than the speed of magnetic pulse. I can’t give you the exact speed because I do not have the type EMP CHAMP uses But it would be faster then mach 8 and could actually be as fast as the speed of light

          • CharlieSeattle says:

            The Very fast EMP CHAMP missile can not be used sitting on an empty B-52 parked on an airbase.

            Will the upgraded B-52’s be airborne now 24/7 across the world wide defensive zones? They will have to be, to be effective.

            No, most will be on the ground.

    • Vivienne Juraszek says:

      We have other radars that can take care of irans missiles to stop them from hitting our fleet.

  • Diana says:

    You know this is dum to publish anything about our Military and their arms you don’t broad cast what keeps you safe how dum you reporters are you lie about what we really need to know then inform our enemies about our protection and weapons honestly you should be prosecuted for leaking anything about our weapons.

    • mike smith says:

      Diana, this technology has been around and public knowledge since 2012, apparently the only person who didn’t know about this was you…

      • Evangeline says:

        Mike Smith – You didn’t need to say “the only person who didn’t know about this was you”. This should be a place where people can express their opinions without someone knocking them like that.

        • Arpad says:

          It may be Mike is a democrat. That’s all they know how to do is attack the messenger and deal in personal false attacks.

      • Diana says:

        Mike knew for years about are stupid reporters letting things out before nam so kiss it just letting other dummies. Like you to wake up shut up about our security you must be related to pelosi

  • Gordon says:

    If gamblers played poker like we keep our military secrets! Just sayin’!

  • Duane Pettengill says:

    With the announcement of this new missile just means that we now have one better. Do you remember when they announced the SR-71? Well we had a spy plane that was better when they did!

  • RWF