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‘Victim Blaming’: L.A. Times Ridicules Family Murdered By Mexican Cartel, Gets Ripped Online



In the days after nine American citizens — three women and six of their children — were brutally massacred by a suspected drug cartel in the Mexican state of Sonora, the mainstream media posted widely-ridiculed pieces focusing on the victims’ alleged ties to “violence” and “religious fundamentalism.”

Members of the related LeBarón and Langford families were victimized by one of the Mexican drug cartels while traveling to a wedding on Monday. The cartel repeatedly shot at their vehicles and set them on fire, killing nine — including a three-year-old — and injuring three others, including a seven-month-old baby girl.

The victims had U.S. citizenship and belonged to a religious community in Mexico. As noted by The Daily Wire, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not recognize the religious community to which the members belonged as part of the Mormon Church.

The day following the news of the attack, the Los Angeles Times focused on the deceased’s alleged ties to violence.

“U.S. victims in Mexico massacre were tied to family with a long history of violence,” the headline said. However, the headline, according to Townhall senior writer Julio Rosas, was later changed to read: “Massacre of U.S. citizens aims spotlight at Mormon community with deep roots in Mexico.”

“Some of the victims shared the last name LeBaron,” the Times story outlined, adding:

“The LeBarons are among ‘a handful of major groups of fundamentalists,’ said Patrick Mason, a historian of Mormonism at Utah State University. But, he added: ‘The LeBaron name in recent decades has been most often linked to violence. Unfortunately, this incident only adds to that association.’”

“The family is perhaps best known for a series of killings perpetrated in the 1970s and 1980s, in both Mexico and the United States, by Ervil LeBaron — once called the ‘Mormon Manson’ — and a group of his followers,” the piece continued.

Some also took issue with The New York Times for focusing on the victims’ “religious fundamentalism.”

“The brutal killing of [nine] members of an American family in northern Mexico on Monday highlights the long history of religious fundamentalist settlers in the region. Our religion reporter, Elizabeth Dias, details their history back to the early 20th century,” the Times posted.

The reactions to the pieces blew up online, many accusing the outlets of “victim blaming.”

“Well the NY Times and the LA Times found who is really to blame for a drug cartel brutally murdering and torching 9 people to death, including kids — the victims,” said contributor Stephen Miller.

Comedian and former Playboy writer Bridget Phetasy bluntly wrote, “This is disgusting victim blaming [L.A. Times] and you should be ashamed.”

“Nine Americans, including children, were brutally murdered, and the New York Times doesn’t call out the evil of the cartels, but labels the family ‘fundamentalist settlers?’” the account for PragerU questioned. “Shame on you, [New York Times].” 

“Did the cartel write this?” Rosas blasted the LA Times.

Breitbart News’ Brandon Darby similarly posted, “Serious question, [L.A. Times]. Did someone in Mexico promise you access or exclusives if you agreed to help smear these victims of cartel violence? Trying to understand why you’d do this.”

Or is it that ‘the border is safe’ narrative means so much to your editors politically that you just decided to piss on the bodies of the women and children killed in order to protect that narrative?” he added. 

“Is the idea here that the victims had it coming? This is an insane piece,” Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro said.

Steve Cortes, a CNN political commentator, posted: “What a disgraceful tweet and article from corporate media [L.A. Times]. The clear message: ‘[W]ell, these women and children who were gunned down by cartel monsters, they themselves had some pretty crazy relatives … or something’ …”

“‘The [eight-]month old baby that was shot by a cartel member deserved it’ – Journos,” mocked popular political Twitter account Comfortably Smug, adding: “‘Actually a family getting pulled from their cars, raped, shot and set on fire is good’ – L.A. Times.”

A version of this story appears on the Daily Wire website.

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  • Stephen Russell says:

    LA Times co funded by cartels?? or why the bias piece written?
    Or for leftists.
    Scrap LA Times from ALL Fed Govt offices.
    like scrap CNN.

  • Sunflower Surfer says:

    So tell me please, how were the six children guilty of and use of force against anyone? Once again the L.A. Times has shown its true face (or is it their ass?)

  • Harold says:

    The LA Times is very pro open borders. ANYTHING that counters that agenda (including murdering children) will be dismissed.

  • VietnamVeteran says:

    I guess the women, children, and little babies were really, really bad people, right? The mothers were psychopathic lunatics, right? The children were machine gun-toting terrorists, right? The babies were probably evil demons from hell, right?

    How about the LA Times is composed of the scum of the earth liberal liars, lunatics, @$$h***s, typical leftist crazy bastards. Hope all you LA Times monsters rot in hell.

  • RWF