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WATCH: Activist Confronts Waters Publicly. Here’s How Waters Responded.



On Monday, political activist Laura Loomer, armed with a camera, confronted Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) about her incendiary comments targeting members of the Trump administration. The exchange, which occurred as Waters was walking with her entourage, featured Waters refusing to answer questions, and finally smiling at Loomer as Waters got on the elevator reserved for members of Congress, saying, “You can’t go up here.”

Here’s how the exchange went:

Loomer: Hi, Congresswoman Waters. Hi. My name is Laura Loomer. I’m an investigative journalist. You just recently made some comments in which you encouraged

Waters, turning back to look at Loomer as she strides forward: Who are you? Who are you darling? Who are you?

Loomer: My name is Laura Loomer. I’m a Trump supporter. I’m also an conservative journalist.

Waters: Okay. Come to my office I’ll be happy to sit down with you. We can’t talk on the run.

Loomer: I would like to ask you questions. (As Waters waves her hand behind her to block the camera) Please don’t push my camera out of my hands. You just encouraged your supporters to harass Trump supporters and officials.

Waters: Please come to my office and sit down with me. … Please sit down with me .

Loomer: I just wanted to ask you: Where are conservatives allowed to go? Are there separate—do we sit at the back of the bus?

As Waters approaches the elevator with her entourage, she waves a sheaf of documents in Loomer’s face, repeating, “Please come to my office and talk with me. We’ll be happy to talk with you.”

Loomer: Where can we eat? Where can a conservative eat at a restaurant in Washington, D.C.?

Waters: Please come to my office and be civil. Please come to my office and talk with me.

Loomer: You’re talking about civility. Do you think it’s civil to call for the harassment of Trump officials?

Waters: Please come to my office and sit down and talk with me.

As Waters enters the elevator, she turns and hits Loomer’s camera with the sheaf of papers. Then, in the elevator, as a man repeatedly says to Loomer, “Ma’am, it’s a members’ elevator. Members have to vote,” Waters smiles and says, “You can’t go up there.”

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  • Jill says:

    Macie is nuts and needs to be impeached. ..

  • Nancy says:

    Its a members elevator members have to vote! Hey dude vote this 🖕

  • MARYANN33 says:

    She must be removed. She incites violence and must do prison time for that…and now.

  • Jimmy Stanford says:

    My opinion is she would have to get smarter to become stupid.

  • RWF