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WATCH: Anita Hill Calls For Delay On Kavanaugh Vote To Avoid A ‘Sham Proceeding’



Anita Hill appeared with former Clinton staffer George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Wednesday, recalling her testimony against Clarence Thomas, in light of claims against current Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

Hill, who is most famous for accusing then-judge Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment back in the 1990s, during his own confirmation hearing, demanded that the FBI investigate the allegations of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh in order to avoid the same “sham proceeding” she experienced.

“The American public really is expecting something more,” Hill tells Stephanopoulos. “We are really under the impression that the Senate doesn’t take this seriously and doesn’t see this as part of their core responsibility. All of this is really something that I don’t think can be avoided if you really want to get to the truth.”

“Whether or not it is going to be anything more than just a sham proceeding so that the senators can say, ‘We gave her a chance to talk,’ and then move on to doing exactly what they were intending to do before she came forward,” she said. “Six days is not enough for the senators, who probably know very little about these kind of claims. It’s not enough for them to inform themselves, and so that’s why it’s important to have an investigation.”

In that moment, Hill then broke the fourth wall to offer Kavanaugh’s accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, some advice: delay, delay, delay the hearings.

“My advice is to push the pause button on this hearing, get the information together, bring in the experts and put together a hearing that is fair, that is impartial, that is not biased by politics or by myth, and bring this information to the American public,” she said.

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  • Dyanne Chestnut says:

    Anita Hill, your day in the sun is long gone. You just need to accept your defeat and ride off into the silent sunset of time. Stop carrying your loss as a chip on your shoulder for decades past. You know the truth.

  • RWF