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WATCH: Antifa Thug Who Harassed 9/11 Widow Runs Away When Confronted



The apparent Antifa protester who seemed to feel empowered when harassing a woman who lost her husband in the 9/11 terror attacks suddenly lost his nerve when confronted by large men who appear to be associated with the right-wing “Proud Boys.”

Additional footage of the Antifa protester shows him and his friends taunting counter-protesters in Portland, OR, from across the street. After several back-and-forth insult exchanges, a large bald man begins walking toward the Antifa protesters.

“You callin’ my mom out?” The large Proud Boy asks.

The Antifa protester then turns and runs away.

“Why you runnin’?” The Proud Boy asks.

Footage then shows the Antifa members standing on another street corner when they’re found by the Proud Boys again. The Antifa man and his friend take off running as several Proud Boys discuss “chasing them down.”

It should be noted that what is happening in Portland is an embarrassment for our country, but it’s pretty rich when Leftists have no problem harassing women but run when confronted by someone they think could actually hurt them.

WATCH (warning – contains strong language):

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  • Doug says:

    ANTI-Fascists? These morons are the epitome of the brown-shirt Fascists in the 1930’s, right down to disrupting gatherings of those opposed to Leftist political ideology. Antifa is nothing more than shameless Leftist bullies.

    • DeeAnn says:

      Absolute well said!!

    • Gene Steve Pratt says:

      These punks can only beat up on women old ladies, old men, people they know can’t fight back. They carry bats, boards, pipes, use tear gas but when confronted with people men and women who will punch them back they run like the cowards they are!!

  • RK says:

    home grown terrorists are what they are and need to be treated as such

  • RK says:

    Gitmo is where they should be

  • Ronnie says:

    Punks is what they all are!

  • Sgt. "wildbill" Faulk says:

    ran like a little fucking bitch, the little loud mouth did. totally brave harassing a woman but faced with a man he ran away, probably pissed his little panties. Ran and hid down in mommy and daddy’s basement. Sorry ass excuse for a man, needs to turn in his balls. he does not need them.

  • Sandy says:

    Poster boy for cowardly Antifa who only fight when the ratio is at least 80 to 1 in their favor. UHURU POYFB

  • Curtis Bartley says:

    Start shooting them then no more trouble from them or the ones that pay them.

  • Gene Steve Pratt says:

    If all of the Portland Police stood up and told the Mayor “We are here to protect and serve”, and arrest him for inciting riots, and go and knock them protesting violent agitators in the head!! Grow some balls, put on your riot gear call in SWAT, NATIONAL GUARD if necessary, and bust some heads and these punks will quit doing this shit if they know they will get hurt!!Hell give some body armor and a billy club and I will bust some heads in the name of law enforcement!!

  • William conley says:

    What’s the problem Portland if your mayor and the law agency there is too fucking terrified to follow the law pay for my expenses and I’ll come there and stay there organize some groups and we’ll clean your city up for you and regain order. There’s only one condition when we are done and order is restored you pathetic excuses for a mayor and police chief have to step down and let me vet your replacements.

  • RWF