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Watch: Biden Makes Lofty Promise On Cancer At Iowa Event

Joe Biden issued a lofty promise during a campaign speech in Iowa on Tuesday.

“I promise you if I’m elected president, you’re going to see the single most important thing that changes America, is we’re going to cure cancer,” the former vice president told supporters at a rally in Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Biden’s son, Beau, died of brain cancer May 30, 2015. Biden led the Obama administration’s “Cancer Moonshot” effort in 2016 to find a cure for cancer. He and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, launched the Biden Cancer Initiative in July 2017. The Bidens stepped down from their board positions April 25, after Biden announced his run for president.


Biden, who leads a field of 23 Democrats in presidential polls, assailed President Donald Trump during his speech in Iowa, especially on the issue of tariffs against China.

Speaking to reporters in Washington earlier Tuesday, Trump said he prefers running against Biden of any of the Democratic candidates.

“I’d rather run against — I think — Biden than anybody,” said Trump. “I think he’s the weakest mentally, and I like running against people that are against Biden.”

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  • Anne says:

    There is a cancer cure it is called VALASTA. —- GO TO !! It cures all cancers except bone cancer !!!

  • Diana says:

    I would not put it past them to have a cure it’s just a good money maker so they keep it under wraps sorry but can’t trust the government pharmaceuticals just like this drug lie it is the dum ass idiots using lots of different drugs at one time and this deadly fintenull if spelled right and know it but still due it and any parent that allows a dentist doctor to give their children a narcotic needs your ass kicked never did years ago my brother broke his leg in 2 places in an auto accident the doc. Gave him aspirin adult but never gave him a narcotic, there are times but very few to use that type of medicine on a child or teen they rebound much faster when young

  • Rockne Hughes says:

    Biden will probably work at it with the “laying on of hands”. He seems to practice that frequently.

  • RWF