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WATCH: CNN Commentator Implies Ann Coulter Comes From Hell



Wednesday morning on CNN’s “New Day,” CNN’s John Avlon, whom Newsbusters calls “CNN’s snarkiest commentator,” decided to get nasty vis-à-vis Ann Coulter, implying that she comes from Hell.

During a discussion among co-hosts John Berman, Alyson Camerota and Avlon that revolved around President Trump’s determination to get funding for a wall on the southern border before he ends the partial government shutdown, Berman surmised that the reason Trump was standing his ground was Coulter. Berman said, “Well, let me tell you why they’re not doing it today. I have a sign, a word from up above about what’s going on here,” then mentioned Coulter, prompting Avlon to respond, “Whoa, whoa: directionally off, by the way.”

The exchange went like this:

Avlon: We know how this actually ends. We’ve talked — known it for months. There’s some kind of deal, when the government gets open there’s a deadline to do an actually balanced package that probably looks a lot like what they could have passed last year, which is border security for dreamers—and maybe even something bigger.

Camerota: So what’s, why aren’t they doing this today?

Avlon: Because the President instinctively rejects that.

Berman: Well, let me tell you why they’re not doing it today. I have a sign, a word from up above about what’s going on here.

Camerota and Berman then imitated angels singing.

Berman continued, “Ann Coulter —”

Camerota: That’s two words. That’s two words.

Avlon: Whoa, whoa: directionally off, by the way.

Berman: Ann Coulter, Ann Coulter, who the President likes to listen to on the wall, she did an HBO interview in which she explained why the president is not budging. Listen.

The show then played a clip of Coulter from a VICE News/HBO interview, saying, “But recently, in the last couple of weeks we’ve reeled him back. I mean, The one thing I think, not only with Trump, I would think especially with Trump but I would think with anyone, is self-preservation and self-esteem.”

The interviewer asked, “So why is he digging his heels in on immigration now?

Coulter responded, “That’s why, that’s why —”

The interviewer interrupted, “But why now?”

Coulter answered, “It is self-preservation. Because he’s dead in the water if he doesn’t build that wall: dead, dead, dead.”

The mantra that President Trump is taking orders from Coulter has become familiar at CNN; in December, network legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin commented:

What they should be doing, obviously, is checking with Ann Coulter. Because apparently, she’s the President of the United States, as far as this is concerned. I mean, this was a deal; this deal was agreed to. Mitch McConnell, who is nobody’s idea of a flaming liberal, Paul Ryan, everybody thought this deal was done. Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter started challenging the president’s manhood. And the House Republicans started stamping their feet. And the president decided, “No, no, no, I’m going to scream and yell and shut down the government, even though I still don’t have the votes.” So I guess Ann Coulter has to figure out how this is all going to end, because she’s the person who is driving the federal government at this point. God help us.

Video below:

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  • What a bunch of idiots CNN has and always will! That’s the reason I never ever watch that bunch of moaners and groaners! It’s also the reason they run dead last in ratings.

  • kat says:

    Avlon – “border security for dreamers” – uh – NO that is not right. It’s border security for American citizens. This just shows what type of idiots are running their mouths.

  • RWF