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Watch: Couple Interviewed by MSNBC Nukes Media’s Border Narrative



It’s no secret that the debate over border policy and immigrant detention has dominated the national conversation over the last few weeks.

You can barely check social media or flip through channels without finding anger and ranting aimed at President Donald Trump for inheriting a situation made worse by former President Barack Obama. There is so much vitriol, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction.

Part of the problem is the establishment media, which seems more interested in fanning the flames of outrage than actually reporting the straight facts.

Pushing a one-sided narrative instead of reporting reality is exactly what MSNBC was caught doing Tuesday near the border in Texas, but the citizens they interviewed didn’t play along.

During an interview with a husband and wife who own a ranch north of the Rio Grande, the left-leaning network repeatedly asked leading questions that were clearly meant to invoke sympathy and add spin to their report.

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