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WATCH: Dan Rather Goes To Smack Trump, Ends Up Giving Him Possible Campaign Slogan



Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather tried to attack President Donald Trump at the start of the week and ended up giving him a possible campaign slogan to use, calling him “mean as a wolverine.”

Appearing on “CNN Tonight” with host Don Lemon, Rather weighed in on the current state of political polarization in the United States.

After saying that he had never seen anything like Trump, Rather said, “President Trump gives every indication by what he says and what he does and what he doesn’t do, that he’s mean as a wolverine, and we’ve never had a president who had that reputation.”

Rather’s comment was taken as a positive by Trump supporters who thought it would make a cool campaign slogan.


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  • I like It! Thank you Dan Rather. Would rather President Trump be called: “Mean as a Wolverine” intead of Crying Schumer or Low Energy Jeb” I personally want a President who will fight like mad and never give up until He wins the fight instead of the wimpy losers we’ve had except for President Reagan of course. The rest of them just gave Lip Service or destroyed our Country.

  • Henry D Messer says:

    Washed up Dan needs to slowly disappear into the sunset. Was never to smart anyhow

  • Marilyn says:

    Dan Rather: When we elected Donald Trump for president we weren’t looking for a Sunday school teacher. We were looking for a mighty warrior.

  • Such an AUTHORITY on EVERYTHING, this old man ! Yeah sure …. I don’t think so.

    No Sir, let this old man explain. It is like this :

    President Trump Speaks Truth.

    President Trump is full of civility kindness love respect, always complimenting and building people up.

    Where he is ‘tough’ is when he DEFENDS himself and his family and America against the continual UNFAIR ATTACK coming from the Nasty Rude DISRESPECTFUL twisting of the Truth, half-Truths and LIES by the ‘other side’ mainly via the msm like cnn nyt wp who are the AGENTS for the MAD Evil LEFTIST GLOBALIST so-called ‘liberal’ Democrats.


    America has a Great Christian President and VP and a Great “TEAM”; Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS. amen.

    Lord Bless, love Michael and Meriel (heart).

    “ KEEP AMERICA GREAT ! ” – vote Trump 2018 and 2020.

    Love; Pray for your enemy says JESUS the Christ.

  • Steve Hughes says:

    Just as HAS BEEN as you EVER WERE, you old commie.
    Thanks, Dan…….. ya STUPID turd-roller.

  • Trump is one “ tuff” cookie when it to crime, and he talking about those libs, they R always spouting off on things of this sorts, we adore our great president, TRUMP, God Bless You Sir!

  • Paul Reid says:

    Exposing the DemmoRats and Meeia Stoogies that do they’re bidding is why we have the Brilliant President Donald J Trump. You leftwing baby killing open border hypocrites are on Notice! Patriots will put you in Real Estate if you keep it up.

  • RWF