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WATCH: De Niro Turns Award Speech Into Trump-Bashing Rant; Gets Boos, Groans

At the American Icon Awards ceremony in Beverly Hills Monday night, famous actor and vocal Donald Trump critic Robert De Niro wouldn’t let the audience “get away” without hearing him blast the duly elected President of the United States, yet again. His comments, calling for the impeachment and imprisonment of Trump, received some claps, whistles, and laughs — but also some loud boos and groans from the crowd.

In a moment caught on video published by TMZ, De Niro, who has made a point of repeatedly condemning Trump over the last few years, turned his speech honoring his fellow iconic actor Al Pacino — with whom he’s appeared in several films over the years — into an opportunity to decry the president once again.

“The producers of the American Icon Awards call it a tribute to individuals who lead America. Not so fast,” the actor said (partial transcript via USA Today) “They don’t lead America — maybe they should — but they do fill their own essential roles. People of great individual accomplishments who give us examples to look up to. They’ve earned our respect and admiration, and they deserve this tribute.”

De Niro then used the “lead America” theme to hammer Trump, and turned his “Make America Great Again” slogan against him in the process.

“You didn’t think you were going to completely get away without a ‘F*** Trump’ moment, did you?” said De Niro, who declared the line during the Tony Awards last year. “On the other hand, the individual who currently purports to lead America is not worthy of any tribute. Unless you think of his impeachment and imprisonment as a sort of tribute. And that’s how you’d ‘Make America Great Again.'”

De Niro didn’t get quite the reaction he was probably hoping for; as TMZ notes, “there were actually some boos. As Bob went on and on about DT, the audience seemed a little unsettled. Tough room.”

Indeed loud boos and groans can be heard amid some of the more positive responses to De Niro’s “impeach/imprison Trump” comments, and the overall mood of the room feels uncomfortable. Watch how the crowd responds (video below via TMZ):

Among the other people being honored as “icons” at the event were Quincy Jones and Evander Holyfield.

As for De Niro’s anti-Trump record, along with his “F*** Trump!” declaration at the Tony Awards last summer, he has amassed a lengthy list of Trump-slamming comments. In January 2018, De Niro turned another speech intended to honor one of his colleagues into a chance to rip the “f***ing idiot” in the White House.

“It was fascinating to watch ‘The Post,'” he said in a speech honoring Meryl Streep, who starred in the film. “That story took place nearly 50 years ago, but there are many parallels with today obviously. At the time of the story Donald Trump was suffering with ‘bone spurs.’ Today the world is suffering from the real Donald Trump.”

“Come on. You know. What are we talking about?” he said. “This f***ing idiot is the president. It’s The Emperor’s New Clothes — the guy is a f***ing fool. … Our government today, with the propping [up] of our baby-in-chief — the jerkoff-in-chief I call him — has put the press under siege, trying to discredit it through outrageous attacks and lies.”

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  • Mm says:

    When your career has gone down the toilet and ypur nothing but and old has been mudshark you do this crap to get attention…sad and i never liked this POS

  • Kathy says:

    De Niro a washed up has been should stick to acting!! A disrespectful old fart!!!

  • Jene Breitburg-Moya says:

    Still thinks he is doing SNL which has tanked in many years, nobody watches that show nor Robert who thinks he is still Raging Bull! Go away!

  • Marie says:

    He is a washed up goon. People are tired of his disgusting ranting against a Trump. He is just crazy that Yrump has Made America Great Again!!!!!!!

  • Sandy Miller says:

    The only thing left for this moon-bat to use to try to get attention is his Trump tirades.

  • Sandra McDonald says:

    I hope these celebrities finally realize we are tired of their same old rants. I personally am sick of them. We get enough of this BS day in and day out. It will get even worse now that the 2020 election is coming. It seems it has not let up and given us a break. When we watch an entertainment show or an awards show we are watching to be entertained, enough with the political stuff. I don’t care what you so called and in many cases now hasbeen celebrities think. I don’t cast my vote because of what you say or think.

  • Dragonfly43 says:

    I refuse to watch anything this jackhole is in nor will I read anything about him because it only gives him the attention he craves! He seems to think being an actor gives him more intelligence than anyone else. He’s lived in a fantasy world for far too long and is just delusional!

  • Lee Price says:

    Stupid is as stupid does. De Niro is a washed up idiot that thinks America gives a squat about what he thinks. Even some of his Hollywood cronies are tired of hearing the bull c**p coming out of his mouth. It must cost him a fortune in toothbrushes to keep cleaning the c**p he spews from his mouth. De Niro, it’s time to sit down and shut up, no one gives a damn about your opinion or your thoughts. Please, Please fade to nothing.

  • Hillbilly says:

    He has spent his life pretending to be other people. He has never done anything in his whole life to better this country. Those that CAN do. Those that CAN’T criticize

  • Nell says:

    I am so sick of this ugly old fart. I would LOVE to see a large bus full of celebrities go over one of those cliffs in California. I’m picturing Deniro, Jim Carrey, Ashley Judd, Rosie O’Donnell, Alyssa Milano, Rob Reiner and his old man Carl, Tom Arnold, Cher, Alec Baldwin, Madonna, Johnny Depp, Peter Fonda and his nasty sister Jane, Meryl Streep, Jeff Daniels, Joy Bihar, Whoopi Goldberg, Miley Cyrus, and a bunch of other yahoos who think their opinions are so important go over the cliff and smash into pieces on the sharp rocks. When they wake up they will be engulfed in flames in hell. I didn’t used to despise these people; in fact I used to be a fan of some (not all) of them. But their un-American, let all the illegals in, take your guns away, kill babies with abortions, and hate Trump song and dance is OLD! They are the ultimate in selfishness, and they DO NOT care about what’s best for America and her people. These are the people who were going to leave if Trump got elected! Go ahead and use that lie again in 2020. It will get President Trump even more votes! And then do it!

    • Lynn says:

      I Will hire another bus! Great idea Nell there used to a time when Hollywood had veterans and celebrities who Loved America, now they are nothing but ungrateful, hateful, ignorant, anti-God, pervert loving, anti-American morons….

  • Nancy West says:

    this guy is a pedophile. He is caught on tape. Q

  • This uber-rich POS could care less about you and me so why should we care about what he has to say?

  • Dee says:

    DeNiro you are the fu**ing idiot I have lost all respect for you I will never watch your movies again you POS

  • RWF