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Watch: Dem Rep. Calls GOP Colleagues ‘Sex-Starved Males’

A Democratic California Rep. called her Republican colleagues “sex-starved men” on the House floor Wednesday, before withdrawing the comment at another congressman’s behest.

Rep. Norma Torres made the comment while speaking on the House floor about the language in the fiscal year 2020 Health and Human Services appropriations bill.


“It is tiring to hear from so many sex-starved males on this floor talk about a woman’s right to choose,” Torres began.

Republican Georgia Rep. Rob Woodall called a point of order and said, “Mr. Speaker, I would just like to ask my friend if she’d like to change her last statement.”

Torres then withdrew the remark before adding the following, according to Mediaite:

I will put it in different terms. It is tiring to be here on this floor or in committee as a woman to continue to be counseled about what types of affordable planning — feminine, whether it is family planning conversations that rightfully I deserve to have with my own doctor, choosing when women want to have a family, and to avoid pregnancies before they become pregnancies. It is unfortunate that that is something that continues to be denied to American women day in and day out on this floor. And with that I will reserve the balance of my time.

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  • Gayle says:

    How would this hateful, lying, ugly freak know if these men are sex starved! It is also something that should not be said in congress! It is also something she can’t prove, just like all the crazy accusations they make!

  • AnnS says:

    Oh what a surprise, another whack job from California!

  • Steve H says:

    If the men are sex starved then the women should keep their legs crossed. The liberal media has been promoting the agenda of misbehavior for years. Why?……….why would the women of America be surprised because of this? Come on folks, this crap has been going on for years, it’s nothing new. This also has nothing to do with family planning, abortion, or anything else. If women are angry about this they should be angry at the right people. Hollywood is squarely the instigator.

  • cheryl D. says:

    Look into the the “slush fund,” that is provided for Congressional sex scandals. I’m betting, there are far more DEMON-O-RATS that have used the fund.

  • Rockne Hughes says:

    One might wonder who is actually “sex starved” here, herself or the men in the room.

  • RWF