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Watch: Eric Swalwell Suffers An Awkward Moment During Speech

Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) had an awkward moment in Cedar Rapids on Sunday at the Iowa Democratic Party’s Hall of Fame event when he appeared to expect applause from the audience and didn’t get one.

“We need a president who lives like you live, we need a president that has the grit that you have, and we have a president right now that doesn’t understand the dreams that you have,” Swalwell said. “I will be that president because I have lived that struggle and I know how hard you work and what you expect it to add up to.”

“But I will always be real with you,” Swalwell continued. “I will be bold without the bull.”

Swalwell paused, appearing to expect a round of applause from the audience.

The crowd was totally silent.


Swalwell, who is polling at 0% in the polls, has made his campaign’s primary message that, if elected, he will confiscate semi-automatic firearms from law-abiding Americans.

Senior White House Adviser Kellyanne Conway responded by writing on Twitter: “He literally doesn’t register in these latest #polls, either. A few candidates are at less than 1%. Swalwell is at less than less than 1%”

Many on social media were quick to point out that Swalwell’s awkward moment was similar to Jeb Bush’s “please clap” moment during the 2016 presidential race.

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  • Ulla Camp says:

    I guess it would be rather awkward if you expect something and then NOT to get it………..
    But then again only a democrat would do that………

  • Randy Sieg says:

    Suffering from acute Trump Derangement Syndrome, he dwells in a perpetual altered state of reality… do Democrats support anything constructive?

  • chris says:

    You’d think with all this guys education, he would know the difference between THAT, and WHO?????

  • Bobby Renner says:

    Eric swallows well is a pathetic piece of liberal corrupt trash..

  • Gayle says:

    This scum has been saying he had proof that the Trump Administration colluded with the Russians, just like pencil neck! He also says he will confiscate law abiding citizens guns! He is a crazy, liberal, dictator!

  • BILL says:


  • William conley says:

    Yes because that’s what people want in America to be disarmed and mistreated exactly like the founders were hence why they left and fought a war.

  • RP says:

    I think the man suffers from a problem with pronunciation. I heard the remark and thought he said he would be bold without the bold. That would make a person scratch their head as to what did I just hear? Maybe he should have picked better words to explain himself. The man has a tight lipped way of talking, that makes some of his words not sound exactly right.

  • RWF