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WATCH: Fleccas Tries To Get College Students To Agree That ‘Trump’s Not That Bad’

In his most recent man-on-the-street video, reporter and filmmaker Austen Fletcher (“Fleccas”) went to California State University, Long Beach campus to see if he could get students to simply acknowledge that “Trump’s not that bad” — not that he’s the greatest president ever but just not as horrible as the Left portrays. The famous interviewer got some mixed results, but in the 22-minute video, he manages to find more students willing to admit that Trump’s not “literal Hitler” than one might expect given all the campus hysteria over Trump across the country.

Fletcher knows students are in a hurry, so he keeps his conversations pretty brief, handing out a flier and asking student after student if they would agree with him that Trump’s really not that bad and that he’s accomplished at least a few good things in office. Some of the positive results from Trump’s presidency Fleccas highlights include: historic low unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanics, and women; improved household income; and the almost total elimination of ISIS.

“Trump’s not that bad,” Fletcher tells one rapidly walking CSU Long Beach student as he tries to hand him his flier. “No, he’s pretty bad,” says the guy, adding, “I’m not even in to politics.”

“Trump’s not that bad,” Fletcher tells a female student walking by him. After she immediately crumples it up, he calls after her, “Don’t litter it, please!”

The first longer exchange he features is with a girl who says that while she doesn’t “particularly agree with a lot of his stuff,” Trump is a human being and thus presumably has “both good and bad” somewhere within him. Asked if Trump has done some things in office that are “undeniably good,” the student says yes, appearing to be pleasantly surprised. She says that while she “wants to think of him as all bad,” at times she has to admit that Trump actually does some things she agrees with.

“Trump’s not that bad. Do you agree?” Fleccas asks a bearded guy. “Nah, he’s not that bad,” bearded guy agrees.

Despite his repeated efforts, one hat-wearing girl won’t give Fleccas an inch, saying matter-of-factly, “No, he’s not good.”

At one point, Fleccas talks with a male and female student about the infamous “Access Hollywood” “grab ’em by the p***y” tape and manges to get the guy to agree with the idea that allowing a comment made in a locker-room-type conversation to determine one’s view of Trump is a bit unfair. “Obviously, since it was behind closed doors, it wasn’t meant to be out in the public,” the student says,” but unfortunately it was, so a lot of people judged him off of that.” The student makes clear he wouldn’t appreciate the same treatment.

In one curious exchange, Fleccas tries to convince a Trump critic that the historic low unemployment for blacks, Asians, Hispanics and women under Trump is a good thing, but the argument just doesn’t seem to compute. “Unemployment for them [is lowest ever]?” the guy asks. “That’s not good.” Asked why, he responds, “Because I believe in equality.”

Other students, however, are more willing to give Trump at least some credit.


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