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Watch: Horrifying Attack Unfolds On Man In Ilhan Omar’s District



Law enforcement officials in Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) 14th Congressional District have arrested over a dozen suspects in connection with a possible crime ring that was recently caught on camera allegedly beating a man.

“According to a report provided by Minneapolis police spokesperson John Elder, a three-day sweep conducted two weeks ago ended with police arresting 16 people between the ages of 13 and 25,” KSTP reported. “The suspects are seen on surveillance video punching, kicking and riding over one man with a bike.”

“One of the incidents happened on Aug. 3 near Target Field. According to the criminal complaint, the footage shows approximately 12 males attempting to take a cellphone from a male victim, viciously beating him,” KSTP continued. “The suspects are seen ripping the victim’s shoes and pants off and then going through his pockets. The victim is noted to be punched and kicked in the head several times throughout the altercation. At one point, the complaint states the victim is thrown to the ground — left motionless — then repeatedly jumped on, hit with planting pots and ridden over with a bicycle. Once police arrive, the victim and all suspects involved are gone.”

KSTP, which noted that all the suspects had their bail set at $100,000 each, added that robbery has surged by 46% in downtown Minneapolis compared to 2018.

Earlier this year, Fox News reported that new FBI statistics have found that Omar’s congressional district is the terrorist recruitment capital of the United States.


“More men and boys from a Somali American community in Minneapolis have joined – or attempted to join – a foreign terrorist organization over the last 12 years than any other jurisdiction in the country,” Fox News reported. “FBI stats show 45 Somalis left to join the ranks of either the Somalia-based Islamic insurgency al-Shabab, or the Iraq- and Syria-based ISIS combined. And as of 2018, a dozen more had been arrested with the intention of leaving to support ISIS. Both numbers are far higher than those of alleged terrorist wannabes who left or attempted to leave the country from other areas in the country where Muslim refugees have been resettled.”

“We are very conscious that there may still be fertile ground for that, and that is could re-start at any time,” a federal law enforcement official told Fox News. “Based on historical experience, we had (an uptick) in 2007 and 2008 going for al-Shabab, then a lull. Then, as ISIS came back, we saw a whole bunch of people no longer headed for Somalia. They were headed for Iraq and Syria. That really caught us off-guard, we didn’t see that coming. It didn’t make sense to us. We understood why kids were going back to Somalia, but going to Syria was another we issue.”

Earlier this year, Emmanuel Aranda of Minneapolis pleaded guilty to attempted premeditated first-degree murder after throwing a young child off the balcony in the Mall of America in Minneapolis.

The Daily Mail reported that “Aranda allegedly told police that he went to the mall looking for someone to kill as revenge for being rejected by women there for several years.”

A version of this story appears on the Daily Wire website.

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  • CharlieSeattle says:

    islam is NOT a religion of peace, a race nor one of peace!!
    islam is a sick and twisted terrorist ideology that is
    completely incompatible with western civilization!!

    Deport all muslims, CITIZENS OR NOT, from the west at once!!
    Ban all muslims from traveling to the west, …FOREVER
    Implement muslim control, NOT gun control.

  • Becky Clark says:

    WTF is wrong with people anymore? I am so glad that they have video and hopefully they will be tried in front of a judge who still respects human beings and will see to it that these heathens serve a long sentence, which they deserve! They had no respect for themselves or another human being and behaved like animals! It did not say in the article whether these were Muslims or Somalia Muslims, but seeing as it was Omar’s district, they probably were immigrants, thus showing once again how badly we must vet immigrants and weed out the weeds!

    • Bill says:

      Weed out the MOSLEMS. That should fix this ugly problem. Islam must be banned in the USA.

      • Marilynn Reeves says:


      • Doris_Speaks says:

        We must follow the Constitution. It is what separates us from other countries. If we ban all Muslims…who next….Christians? People the wrong color? No, this is not the solution. Following the laws we have on the books is, and the people in Congress need to get a spine and the people in the US need to vote and vote people in that have a spine!

        • RP says:

          You don’t allow people that come from countries that support terrorism. Sharia law supporting people shouldn’t be allowed into the country, because Sharia law conflicts with our Constitution. Those people that support Sharia, don’t believe in assimilation into our country. They want to dominate the country. Those people that aren’t Muslims, have no place in our country and they feel they have the right to kill them or use them as slaves.

          Why should we allow people like this in the country? It’s our country and this part of the system of vetting. If you harbor ill will to the people of the country, you should be stopped before entering. There was a law that was still in affect that was a violation to have Muslims in any place in government. There is good reason for that.

        • RP says:

          You don’t allow people that come from countries that support terrorism. Sharia law supporting people shouldn’t be allowed into the country, because Sharia law conflicts with our Constitution. Those people that support Sharia, don’t believe in assimilation into our country. They want to dominate the country. Those people that aren’t Muslims, have no place in our country and they feel they have the right to kill them or use them as slaves.

          Why should we allow people like this in the country? It’s our country and this part of the system of vetting. If you harbor ill will to the people of the country, you should be stopped before entering. There was a law that was still in affect that was a violation to have Muslims in any place in government. There is good reason for that.

      • Dragonfly43 says:

        It’s banned in Japan. Why not here!?!

    • Dragonfly43 says:

      Don’t hold your breath. Sadly, there are too many Obama appointed judges who will let them go!

  • Lfty64 says:

    And WTF allows this.

  • Radone says:

    If this guy had a gun to defend himself they might not have been able to take advantage like they did. They should be strung up and let everyone see what they look like and the guy they did this to should get his friends and they should come and do to them what they did to this man. It’s time they get back what they give otherwise they will continue doing this to anyone. I am sick and tired of hearing about this crap going on and then they will probably get off. So an eye for an eye. Gutless punks.

  • Joe says:

    As she says “Some People Did something” now move along.

    • Marilynn Reeves says:

      Tired of this BS

    • Ken Hecker says:

      To me that line means “You have no proof that the hijackers were Muslims.” We know 15 of the 19 came from Saudi Arabia, and some of them took lessons in flying certain aircraft (but not landing them). Just enough to fly them into those buildings. We probably even provided the planners (by way of our wonderful foreign students) with the details of the construction of the Towers so they would know exactly what floor to crash into so the buildings would collapse.

  • Dave says:

    And all the while, we have over 22 terror training camps within our borders. What the hell is the FBI doing about this? These muslims need to be deported NOW , but wait, the justice department is too busy covering Hillary’s ass. Do your dAMN JOBS!

    • Marilynn Reeves says:

      Burn every camp to the ground and if occupants do leave—oh well. Should be a crime to sell them any land at all.

    • doris says:

      From what I understand Obama let all these thousands of refugees in during his administration . After these camps started States Departments need to declare them terrorist threat before FBI can do anything and apparently Obama did not want that done. Surprise. Those people are barbaric sick murderers. They all should be round up like the animals they are and deported.

      • WILLIAM FORTUNE says:

        Don’t call them animals ! Animals are not even capable of such violence ! They are maybe Sub-human.

        • VietnamVeteran says:

          These savage bastards are the scum of the earth – vermin who should be exterminated. Yeah, I know, I’m a racist. Well, I know that there is a BIG difference between decent African-American folks and the vicious savages portrayed in this story. Exterminate these vermin ! ! !

          BTW – Google “Shannon Christian and Chris Newsome murders.” Try not to go crazy ! ! !

    • RP says:

      The bad thing about our country is: our system of government protects an individuals rights to do what they do. They are using our system of government to use against us and protect them. Until a point, that the terrorists conduct an act of violence that can be traced back to one of these places; there’s nothing they can do.

      They had an incident where a Muslim was stealing ammunition from a store. The cops had probable cause to go on their property. I think they found some weapons and documents, that caused them to wonder what went on there. I don’t think anything much was done to punish the Muslims. Unless they conduct some kind of criminal act, they’re are no different than a shooting range. We should know that they are up to no good, but aren’t able to do anything, becuase they have private property rights.

    • Benita Swanson says:

      Amen to that Dave. Hillary Clinton is a traitor to our country and should be in jail, for many reasons, especially Ben Ghazi.

  • Bill says:

    This is her district and she has been enforcing and pushing there actions to rise against Israel and so many of her kinds anti American agenda that the Democratic Party defends her her and intern defends those thugs as well.

  • Bill says:

    Black is beautiful.

  • Diana says:

    Kill ever fuk one of these animals time to eliminate these animals from our country one way or another

  • Marilynn Reeves says:

    How many more Americans are going to die before we get rid of the problem???
    War is over so no reason not to return

  • Rex says:

    C’mon Omar let the American people practice jihad on you and your kind. I bet we can help you feel better pain. You will give new meaning to the word “OUCH”!!!! Lol.

  • LD says:

    Just some people doing something.

  • griz says:

    muslims in training here in America…that’s what muslims bring to America…time for all of them to be gone..

  • RONALD PEASE says:


  • Red says:

    Dirty, rotten, cowardly punks.

  • stephen russell says:

    Somalia the 2nd bombing range for the US, recoup from Black Hawk Down X 100, carpet bomb if attackers from ISIS

  • Ken Hecker says:

    Rejected Aranda? I’m SURE they had their reasons. I think those women showed very good judgement.

    This article goes along with reports that Ilhan Omar wrote to a judge, asking for leniency for men who attempted to go to join ISIS. She is nothing but a terrorist, spitting in the face of those who gave her a chance for a good life, and $174K in yearly salary.

  • Doris says:

    Why were these barbaric cannibals even given bail. That beating was absolutely disgusting and brutal. Those poor excuse for a human need to be punished and deported if in fact are refugees from Somalia. This needs to be nipped in the butt ASAP.

  • teflon says:

    animals, send them all back to Somalia

  • Grumpy says:

    Jungle mentality on parade, for the whole world to see. Always pack concealed. A concealed carry weapon would have brought this shit to a screaming halt before it ever escalated to that point. You double tap two of these maggots and the rest will scurry like roaches when the lights come on.

    • Doris_Speaks says:

      BOYCOTT WALMART….and any other business that bans lawful concealed weapons carry on their premise. We start banning guns and the Dems get in, we have no defense against this kind of thing or the government!

  • usac#95 says:

    this country is getting to be a bunch of chicken-shits when it comes to any Muslims scum shit in the USA time to load them all up and back to their beloved shit holes where they came from this is a movement in our congress to take over our government Minnesota is turning into a training grounds to throw the USA government campgrounds being a training camp wake up didn’t take long 2 years for them to group and get into congress look whom you vote for in 2020 vote the scum towel heads out
    Keep America safe

  • MrsDbrow says:

    Why isn’t this a hate crime and reported on the news?

    • Dolores Herrmann says:

      Simple, victim is not black. Were it the other way around it would be reported and then the riots would begin. Then blamed on Trump.

  • Daniel Quigley says:

    How about deporting that entire area to Antarctica! If they really want to join ISIS and Terrorists then let them try from there. Time to just throw our garbage out to the coldest most inhospitable place on earth and maybe they will learn. Either way we get rid of them

  • Kathy says:

    It is fully noticeable that with this anti-american in this district, further hatred and terrorism will continue in far more aggressive attacks if she is not removed. They will bring more terrorists by recruiting and take over in a hostile situation. We as Americans cannot condone this behavior in our country as most good Americans would agree. The left has gone way out of control and needs to be stopped before we lose total control of our country. We are a country of truth, love and enjoy the freedoms our country has given to us as our rights. Wouldn’t it be sad if these anti-americans who hate our country so much, to have them in control? I hope your American spirit comes to light before it goes dark and you lose that right.

  • SusieQue says:

    And Omar, the Useless Lying Bitch is at home in front of her big screen TV with Bacon Flavored Popcorn rooting for all her pieces of shit with pure glee!! Civil War will soon be upon us and I am so fucking happy I am on the Locked, Loaded and more than “Ready” side….Bring it on Losers…bring it on….

  • Bob says:

    Muslims have zero redemptive value. Their history is filled with nothing but terrorism and the desire to dominate. The stupid Democrats condone their barbaric behavior.

  • usac#95 says:

    they should use Omar to
    plug the oil fire with her and her towel

  • Gary Haber says:

    Somali muslims are the most violent ones.

    Look at the Somalian “refugees” that have flooded the EU…
    They are the majority of the ones that have been committing the most violent crimes, the rapes,arson, moped attacks,acid attacks,etc in Germany, France, Sweden, the UK.

    Obama needs to be prosecuted and held accountable for bringing these animals into our country.

    The FBI needs to infiltrate and destroy these training camps….
    Or else we will eventually see another 9/11 event.

    I can guarantee there are a multitude of sleeper cells here just waiting for the right time to pull another major attack on US soil.

    ….or just maybe this was this Obamas and the “Deep States” entire plan all along???

    I read about Alinskys “Rules for Radicals” and this just happens to be one of the steps.

    • Pinsky says:

      He needs to be prosecuted and jailed for that and much more. It is a disgrace he hasn’t been. It is obvious who put him in place and protects him. It makes me sick! He and his “wife” should not be allowed to do what they have done and are doing. No one in power seems to bat an eyelid, and it is 24/7 obvious sedition. O doesn’t even hide it. What a pathetic thing. So many are responsible for this. I don’t see an end to it.

  • Red Devil 5th inf. says:

    Looks like some people did something huh? All those who are convicted of a felony need to do time and then deport them and their families and ban them and their relatives from ever entering the US. again. Perhaps this would stop a lot of their bullshit.

  • RP says:

    These people supposedly came here as refugees. It seems they are overcome their victimization and have now started showing how much they like in being aggressors. This should be just cause to export these people back home, to defend themselves from the lessons they have learned. They are no longer victims to anything.

  • Stephen says:

    What a disgusting event, I thought the man that was beaten had been part of the group. He was sitting them. Never seen the ritual myself but do wanna be members take a beating before they are accepted. Your country still has laws and those laws should be fully supported, vocally, written whatever legally brings this act more attention. Better to shame the culture than propose toss them. If proven to be card carrying Islamist then turn that against C.A.I.R., Omar, Sansour, and the local mosque, not riot against, but shame into responsible action.
    Dear Grumpy, the man that was beaten would have had to start shooting as soon as he stood up. That would be murder not self defence. The way he was mugged if he was packing he would be the one showing the allergic reaction bullets bring. Then what ?

  • Bill Peters says:

    This is all part of Obama’s transformation of America. He never said it would be for the better. He wants to turn America into another Third World Shit Hole.

  • Richard says:

    Better they’re sent back to Somalia, or even allowed to join ISIS in Syria, than to see them elected to Congress! Every immigrant needs to swear an oath to the Constitution, and we need to make it explicitly clear that honoring sharia law is incompatible with that law. As for that pathetic POS who threw the child from the mall, he should have tried gifting the Somali women some goats. Works like a charm!

  • SweetLadyMary says:

    Best answer, deport, deport, deport. They don’t want to settle and live a peaceful life. They want to come here to make anywhere they settle into another Somalia complete with crime.

  • bob says:

    Obama was warned not to allow all those Somalians into this country vetted, he ignore that & this is what we have now. Wait more to come & it isn’t going to be good … that’s an understatement.

  • Gail says:

    How can they let this go on? Get them out of our country or put them in jail. @nd put Omar in there with them.or send them to live with the Obamas in their new mansion. Far away from 5his trouble they let into our country

  • Cheryl says:

    Go easy on these boys. They are just having a little Somali fun….sarc

  • SENA NUGF says:


  • Rudy says:

    Arrest all Somali’s and hold them in prison until they die or sent back to Somalia

  • Julia jones says:

    We need to deport all these Muslims and especially those that cause crime. It was wrong to import them in the first place. They have no intention of assimulating.

  • RWF