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WATCH: Ocasio-Cortez Proves She Has No Idea What Congress Does



Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed her extreme lack of knowledge about the basic roles of the three branches of the federal government during a speech on Monday, suggesting that after she is “inaugurated” into office that she will begin signing bills into law.

“After being spurned over, and over, and over again, short-changed on healthcare, short-changed on criminal justice, short-changed on education, there’s a lot of folks who don’t want to believe anymore,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “And that’s why what we have accomplished is such an immense responsibility. It is a responsibility.”

“It doesn’t mean you get everything tomorrow,” Ocasio-Cortez rambled. “As much as I would love that. I would love to get inaugurated January 3rd [and on] January 4th we’re signing healthcare, we’re signing this…”

Ocasio-Cortez seemed to be completely unaware of the fact that members of Congress are sworn into office, not inaugurated like the President of the United States.

Ocasio-Cortez also showed that she does not understand that Congress does not sign bills into law, which is the president’s job.


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  • Gloria McCoy says:

    She needs to take a course in Civics and Government and also on the CONSTITUTION. She is totally ignorant on how our government works.

  • john says:

    Stupid is as Stupid does.

    Let’s hope she keeps talking until the elections. Then she can ‘move on’ to become some guy’s dumb girlfriend.

  • Sgt. "wildbill" Faulk says:

    Your running for congress you poor thing, not empress of America. Seriously Dems? This is the best you guys can do? You guys are so F–Ked.

  • RalphN says:

    My God thats one unbelievably dense young person. More bizarre?, she could droll on her bib and spout nursery rhymes and get elected in that district.

  • Joe says:

    Whomever votes for Ocrazyo-Cartoon is a joke themselves. How could you send this dense nutcase to represent you in a Congress full of intelligent people?

  • Randy says:

    This woman is an idiot. I guess she thinks, all she has to do to pass legislation is walk in and the bills will be in front of her. She has no idea of how the economy works. She has no idea of how to raise enough tax money for her lofty projects. She just says it and it’s going to appear. Good luck in electing her to office. You will find out how stupid she really is. Maybe she will resign after one term; once she finds out how impossible it will be to get people to see her way.

  • Viv says:

    This goes to show how the people who vote for her are just as stupid as she is. I still can’t get over that she supposedly has a college degree and is still that ignorant!

  • RWF