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WATCH: Sarah Sanders Smokes Reporter: ‘We’re Not the Obama Administration’



At Monday’s briefing, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders battled a reporter over the role of Congress in future legislation concerning the immigration crisis at the Southern border.

National Public Radio (NPR) reporter Ayesha Rascoe pressed Sanders on President Donald Trump’s recent tweets, wherein the POTUS said he’d like to see illegals quickly sent back to their country, “no judges or court cases.”

“Our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and Law and Order. Most children come without parents,” wrote Trump via Twitter on Sunday. “Our Immigration policy, laughed at all over the world, is very unfair to all of those people who have gone through the system legally and are waiting on line for years!”

“What is this administration planning to do to make it so you don’t have to see a judge?” Rascoe asked.

Sanders explained to the reporter that there are already “multiple instances” where there is so-called “expedited removal,” but added, “if someone comes through a port of entry, seeking asylum, those cases and that process will be heard.”

“The president has laid out what he would like to see,” the press secretary continued. “We’ve put out the things that we want to see in an immigration package, months ago. We’re still waiting on Congress to give us the ability to do that.”

Unsatisfied with Sanders’ response, Rascoe pushed back, “So unless Congress acts, nothing is actually going to change. The administration is not changing anything right now when it comes to judges.”

Sanders fired back: “You mean, are we walking around making up laws? No, because we’re not the Obama Administration. We’re enforcing the laws on the books. We’re asking Congress to do their part in the process and pass new legislation that will fix our immigration system.”

Still, Rascoe pressed, “But nothing is actually changing on the ground. The president is complaining about judges and saying we shouldn’t have the judges, but nothing is actually going to change. He’s just complaining about the process as it stands now?”

“Things that we have the ability to do administratively we’re working to do,” Sanders again explained. “But again, Congress is the only one that has the ability to write law, and we hope they do that.”


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  • Duane E. Pettengill says:

    I thought reporters were suppose to have some brains. This one evidently doesn’t and she sure didn’t like it when Sarah told here we are not the Obama admin.

  • Larry Miller says:

    That reporter is an amazing woman, she covers up her lack of understanding with stupidity.

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