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Watch: Shock Footage Shows Trump’s Address to Nation Was Edited by TV Station

If you thought the media’s slanted coverage of President Donald Trump’s first prime time address from the Oval Office was bad, just wait. It gets worse.

It appears that a segment of Trump’s address was edited by one news outlet — with results that show the president in a very bad light.

Todd Herman, a radio host at KTTH in Seattle, reported that a listener alerted him via Twitter to video of what was aired by KCPQ, Q13 Fox, in Seattle.

That video on the tweet appears to be a smart phone recording of the beginning of Q13’s coverage of the address — a segment of the Trump speech leading in to a voice-over by the KCPQ anchor.

Check it out here.

That’s not what viewers of the speech saw.

“We performed a side-by-side comparison of the video from our listener … to the raw video of Trump’s speech from CNN,” Herman wrote.

For anyone who thinks the media can be trusted, the results are shocking.

In the Q13 video, Trump’s skin is a very orange tone. Additionally, the video is zoomed in on him, to make his head appear large.

Also, in the raw footage, the president licks his lips once while speaking, probably to moisten them before immediately going on. In the Q13 video, that action appears to be “looped,” so Trump is shown licking his lips repeatedly, which looks a bit disturbing and creepy.

Herman wrote that Q13 had issued a statement saying it was looking into the matter and acknowledging the incident does not meet the station’s “editorial standards.”

“We are investigating this to determine what happened. This does not meet our editorial standards and we regret if it is seen as portraying the President in a negative light. The editor responsible for editing the footage is being placed on leave while we investigate further.”

This kind of apparent breach of public trust is something the media as a whole can ill afford.

Public trust is already low. As much as the media likes to blame Trump for that, there are too many instances of “fake news” to ignore the fact that they are doing it to themselves.

A 2017 Gallup/Knight Foundation Survey on Trust, Media and Democracy showed that the pubic does not believe the media is fulfilling their duty to report in an unbiased and informative manner.

The survey was conducted with input from 19,000 adults in the United States. Only half of those surveyed believe that there is enough information available for individuals to be able to sort through the bias in order to find the facts for themselves.

In addition, only 27 percent felt “very confident” in their own ability to do so. That means the remaining 73 percent questioned their own ability to find the truth in the over-abundance of biased reporting.

“Reporting” with bias is bad enough coming from a news station. But a blatant attempt to smear the sitting president of the United States with deceptive video editing would be wholly unethical.

The public deserve better and should demand it. News reporting is supposed to be just that. It is not supposed to be activism and character assassination.



  1. pat

    January 11, 2019 at 2:19 am

    if true the guy that doctored the film should be jaIled and made an example of.

  2. Diana

    January 11, 2019 at 2:38 am

    Why are the people of this country allowing this garbage to go on how in the hell did anyone that likes their Freedom set back and vote for democratics that are out to take everything from us and our children tax us to death give our hard earned money to illegals, refugees, muslums, and countries that hate us, we need to stop this and now demand all that are NOT supporting our CONSTITUTION as WRITTEN and all our laws to be forced out of office banned for life never allowed to hold any kind of gov. Office even garbage pick up that also includes judges and above all NOT PROTECTING Our Country from an Ivasion of illegals, first in for most Our Country Sovereignty these democratics are communist socialist muslums atheists and satanic, that want to see America GONE we have to protect America at all cost these Traitors must be removed immediately

    • Ilse

      January 11, 2019 at 5:41 am

      Diana I am 100$ with you. These people are disgusting. They actually did a bad job in this video. Anyone should be able to see that it was doctored

  3. Whisp

    January 11, 2019 at 3:15 am

    I’m so disgusted with the media in general. I don’t believe when they give the date unless I check a calendar. Disgraceful and unacceptable. This needs to stop. To purposely manipulate footage and present it as a factual event is dishonest and there needs to be consequences.

  4. Tunamister

    January 11, 2019 at 3:31 am


  5. bannkam

    January 11, 2019 at 3:56 am

    If the truth of the ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY was known, if it was truthfully written in our history books, if Hollywood and all the media wasn’t so slanted, as to claim blacks and minorities are victims of racists and whites, white privilege and are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN FAILURE OR SUCCESS…. actually talking down to them and treating them like “they cannot be expected to succeed on their own”, and with women… WHO SUPPOSEDLY CAN’T MAKE DECISIONS ON THEIR OWN OR BE INDEPENDENT ENOUGH… where they don’t NEED the HELP from the democrat party… The support of slavery by democrats, starting a war to be able to keep their slaves; Jackson, who almost single handedly DESTROYED THE LIVES OF ALL NATIVE AMERICANS IN THE U.S., known for one of the saddest incidences, “trail of tears”; and the fact that Dem. FDR knew and forced the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor, and then imprisoned Japanese Americans, in camps, for the duration of WWII, STEALING THE ASSETS AND PROPERTY AND BUSINESSES OF THESE PEOPLE… simply because they were Japanese!!! Democrat POTUS imprisoned Americans without due process, with only what they could carry. They owned businesses and excellent land, and I WOULD CERTAINLY LIKE TO KNOW WHO RECEIVED THE PROPERTY AND $$$$. Planned Parenthood started by Sanger, who promoted abortions for the poor minorities = IN ORDER TO KEEP THESE MINORITY POPULATIONS DOWN, SO THEY WOULD NEVER HAVE MAJORITY VOTE!!! Now, as democrat party is moving far left, with socialists and Islam politicians…. They ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO LEAD IN THIS GREAT NATION!!!

  6. Mary McGaughy

    January 11, 2019 at 6:29 am

    Watching the news disgusts me. They can not report a single story without manipulating the truth. I do believe they take great pleasure in reporting these falsehoods if it pertains to the President. The outright hatred for this one man has totally clouded the Democrats mindset to the point that they are delirious. Their one objective is POWER. They want to take away our power. Just as they have claimed that President Trump is like a ruler or Hitler type. Why are they not cooperating with the President on funding the Wall? They like the Power, the Control that the news media is giving them. The Democrats and the news media think we are all fools but we know exactly what their game plan is and it is not going to work out for them.

  7. H Anne

    January 11, 2019 at 8:08 am

    It is terrible what the Democrats have done and the news media has fallen in their fold. Disgusting that we can’t believe anything that is said anymore. This country is going to hell in a bread basket if the Democrats become the ruler. They are only concerned about themselves and we will become like a communist country. President Trump is our President and the Democrats need to let it go and come together with the Republicans and do what is best for Our Country and all Americans.

  8. jim

    January 11, 2019 at 1:59 pm

    So typical of the LEFT, they do not believe in Free Speech, just their speech. They are doing their best to make our country a Third world country with all of their antics, THEY MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS!!!

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