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Watch: The Time Christopher Walken Perfectly Described Donald Trump



There has been much said about the political rise of President Donald Trump over the past few years, both good and bad to varying degrees of accuracy.

How and why would a multi-billionaire in charge of a vast business empire give up his relatively easy life of luxury to submit himself to the punishing slings and arrows of his enemies to not only govern the most powerful nation in the world but to try and right the course of a wayward ship of state?

The ultimate answer to that question may never be fully revealed, but a monologue by Hollywood actor Christopher Walken delivered in the 2002 film “Poolhall Junkies” appears to come awfully close.

Check out Walken’s brief description of the king of the jungle, a lion, and see how his description pairs with what we have seen from Trump. (Caution: Some explicit language.)

While standing in a public restroom, Walken asks another man if he’s ever watched nature documentaries and seen one about lions, about which he then proceeds to share with his friend.

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  • Lion and Trump quiet a metaphor.Silent but moves with stealth.We will see how the elections go in Nov.18

  • razingcane says:

    have ICE and their volunteers swarming around polling places, and make sure those dadgum voting machines aren’t programmed to count “D” votes and more than 1 and “R” as <1. Wouldn't hurt if there was a voter ID law, but some miserable putz of a Fe'ral Judge recently dictatorially proclaimed that proof of citizenship is not required to vote. IMO – he either needs a straight jacket or a bullet.

  • Anna Salerno says:

    WOW, he hit he nail squarely on the head, ROAR!! #MAGA President Trump you are loved by your supporters and respected by millions for your leadership. Thank you for taking all the hateful reporting and the slings and arrows you endure every day to #MAGA!!

  • RWF