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WATCH: Trump: ‘I Find China, In Many Ways, Far More Honorable Than Cryin’ Chuck And Nancy’

Speaking about the current standstill in negotiations with Democrats over border security, President Donald Trump told reporters Thursday morning that he finds geopolitical rival China to be “far more honorable” than Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “in many ways.”

“I find China, frankly, in many ways, to be far more honorable than Cryin’ Chuck and Nancy,” the president said outside the White House. “I think China actually is much easier to deal with than the opposition party.”

Trump voiced similar frustration with leading Democrats via Twitter, bashing Schumer for allegedly lying about details concerning Wednesday’s brief discussion on border security. Schumer claimed Trump threw a “temper tantrum,” slammed the table, and walked out. Trump claims he simply told the Democrats “bye-bye” when Pelosi shot down the idea of border funding.

“Cryin Chuck told his favorite lie when he used his standard sound bite that I ‘slammed the table & walked out of the room. He had a temper tantrum,'” wrote Trump. “Because I knew he would say that, and after Nancy said no to proper Border Security, I politely said bye-bye and left, no slamming!”

“There is GREAT unity with the Republicans in the House and Senate, despite the Fake News Media working in overdrive to make the story look otherwise,” Trump posted in a subsequent tweet. “The Opposition Party & the Dems know we must have Strong Border Security, but don’t want to give ‘Trump’ another one of many wins!”

Trump is currently in talks with China over trade policy. On Tuesday, the president said via Twitter that negotiations were “going very well!”


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