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Young Girl Finally Hears Mother Say ‘I Love You’ in Emotional Video



For those with greatly impaired or even total hearing loss, a cochlear implant has the potential to help these individuals hear and interpret sounds like never before.

According to WebMD, this type of implant is different than a hearing aid, which only amps sounds for someone with a hearing impairment.

Instead, a cochlear implant “sends impulses directly to your auditory nerve, which carries sound signals to your brain.”

As you can probably imagine, this would be life changing, especially for someone who doesn’t remember what it’s like to experience sounds.

For one little girl from Dallas, Texas, who lost the majority of her hearing at the age of 3, a cochlear implant has made a huge impact on her and her family.

Posted by Rachelle Renee on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Ten-year-old Jaylin hasn’t been able to hear her parents’ voices for seven years. Recently, she underwent surgery to have a cochlear implant put in.

The day the doctor turned the implant on, Jaylin was brought to tears. “Lots of tears were shed but they were happy tears,” Rachelle Renee, Jaylin’s mom, told KDFW.

Watch as this sweet girl hears her mom say “I love you” for the first time in too long. Her reaction is priceless. Be sure to keep those tissues handy. This one will melt your heart.

Activation!! 🙌🤞🙏 words cannot Express how happy my heart is right now 😁💜 thank God for this big blessing and thanks to everyone who prayed for her 🙌 MY BBY CAN HEAR!!!

Posted by Rachelle Renee on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The viral video shared by Renee has comment after comment of warm congratulations. “Thank you for sharing!” one person wrote. “This was awesome! The Lord is good!”

“Before she wouldn’t even hear me,” Jaylin’s dad, Alfredo Garcia, told KDFW. “She’d have to look straight at me to see what I’m talking about.”

Posted by Rachelle Renee on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Jaylin is thrilled to be able to hear her parents and noted she’s especially excited to start using the device at school.

Her family is also looking forward to watching — and listening to — Dallas Cowboy football games together. The family is a huge fan of the team!

We’re so happy for Jaylin and the new opportunities the cochlear implant will open up for her. “Words cannot express how happy my heart is right now,” Renee said. “Thank God for this big blessing and thanks to everyone who prayed for her.”

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